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Laboratory 4. Functional Polymers
Head of laboratory: Dr. Marcela MIHAI
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1. M.-M. Zaharia, C.-A. Ghiorghita, M.A. Trofin, F. Doroftei, I. Rosca, M. Mihai, Multifunctional composites of zwitterionic resins and silver nanoparticles for point-of-demand antimicrobial applications. Mater. Chem. Phys. 275, 125225, 2022,

2. M.-M. Zaharia, F. Bucatariu, A.-L. Vasiliu, M. Mihai, Stable and reusable acrylic ion-exchangers. From HMIs highly polluted tailing pond to safe and clean water. Chemosphere, 304, 135383, 2022,

3. I. Morosanu, C. Paduraru, F. Bucatariu, D. Fighir, M. Mihai, C. Teodosiu, Shaping polyelectrolyte composites for heavy metals adsorption from wastewater: Experimental assessment and equilibrium studies. J. Environ. Manage. 321, 115999, 2022,

4. A.L. Vasiliu, M.-M. Zaharia, M.M. Bazarghideanu, I. Rosca, D. Peptanariu, M. Mihai, Hydrophobic composites designed by a nonwoven cellulose-based material and polymer/CaCO3 patterns with biomedical applications.  Biomacromolecules 23, 89-99, 2022,

5. M.A. Trofin, S. Racovita, S. Vasiliu, A.L. Vasiliu, M. Mihai, Porous crosslinked zwitterionic microparticles based on glycidyl methacrylate and N-vinylimidazole as possible drug delivery systems.  Int. J. Mol. Sci. 23, 14999, 2022,

6. D.-F. Loghin, M.M. Bazarghideanu, S. Vasiliu, S. Racovita, M.-M. Zaharia, T. Vasiliu, M. Mihai, Hydrogel Beads of Amidoximated Starch and Chitosan as Efficient Sorbents for Inorganic and Organic Compounds.  Gels 8, 549, 2022.

7. F. Bucatariu, M.-M. Zaharia, L.-M. Petrila, F. Simon, M. Mihai, Sand/polyethyleneimine composite microparticles: Eco-friendly, high selective and efficient heavy metal ion catchers.  Colloids Surf. A: Physicochem. Eng. Aspects 649, 129540, 2022.

8. F. Bucatariu, L.-M. Petrila, M.-M. Zaharia, F. Simon, M. Mihai, Sand/polyethyleneimine composites with enhanced sorption/desorption properties toward pollutants. Water 14, 3928, 2022.

9. F. Bucatariu, L.-M. Petrila, C. Teodosiu, M. Mihai, Versatile nanostructured SiO2/cross-linked polyelectrolyte composites for emerging pollutants removal from aqueous media. Comptes Rendus Chimie 25, 95-108, 2022. 10.5802/crchim.171

10. A.I. Gugoasa, S. Racovita, S. Vasiliu, M. Popa, Grafted microparticles based on glycidyl methacrylate, hydroxyehyl methacrylate and sodium hyaluronate: Synthesis, characterization, adsorption and release studies of metronidazole. Polymers 14, 4151, 2022.

11. C.-A. Ghiorghiță, M.V. Dinu, E.S. Drăgan, Burst-free and sustained release of diclofenac sodium from mesoporous silica/PEI microspheres coated with carboxymethyl cellulose/chitosan layer-by-layer films. Cellulose 29, 395–412, 2022.

12. I.A. Dinu, L. Ghimici, I.E. Răschip, Macroporous 3D chitosan cryogels for Fastac 10 EC pesticides adsorption and antibacterial applications. Polymers 14, 3145, 2022.

13. M.V. Dinu, I. Humelnicu, C.A. Ghiorghiță, D. Humelnicu, Aminopolycarboxylic acids-functionalized chitosan-based composite cryogels as valuable heavy metal ions sorbents: fixed-bed column studies and theoretical analysis. Gels 8, 221, 2022.

14. E.S. Drăgan, M.V. Dinu, C.A. Ghiorghiță, Chitosan-based polyelectrolyte complex cryogels with elasticity, toughness and delivery of curcumin engineered by polyions pair and cryostructuration steps, Gels 8, 240, 2022. 

15. D. Humelnicu, M. Ignat, M.V. Dinu, E.S. Drăgan, Optimization of arsenic removal from aqueous solutions using amidoxime resin hosted by mesoporous silica, ACS Omega 7, 31069−31080, 2022. 

16. C.-A. Ghiorghiță, M.V. Dinu, M.M. Lazăr, E.S. Drăgan, Polysaccharide based composites as sustainable materials for removal of pollutants from wastewaters. Molecules 27, 8574, 2022. 

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