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Laboratory 4. Functional Polymers
Head of laboratory: Dr. Marcela MIHAI
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1. E.S. Dragan, D. Humelnicu, M.V. Dinu, Development of chitosan poly(ethylene imine) based double network cryogels and their application as superadsorbents for phosphates, Carbohydr. Polym. 210, 17-25, 2019,

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7. T. Roman, A. Pui, A. V. Lukacs, N. Cimpoesu, S. Lupescu, A. I. Borhan, K. Kordatos, A. Ntziouni, P. Postolache, M. Zaharia, S. Stanciu, L. Mitoseriu, Structural changes of cerium doped copper ferrites during sintering process and magneto-electrical properties assessment, Ceram. Int. 45, 17243-17252, 2019,

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11. S. Vasiliu, M. A. Lungan, S. Racovita, M. Popa, Porous microparticles based on methacrylic copolymers and gellan as drug delivery systems, Polym. Int.

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