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Laboratory 4. Functional Polymers
Head of laboratory: Dr. Marcela MIHAI
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Equipment: Particle charge detector Mutek PCD-03, GmbH, Herrsching, Germany

Used to determine the concentration of water-soluble ionic polymer solutions and the zero charge point in the case of composite micro- and nanoparticles.

- Dr. Ecaterina Stela Dragan / - Dr. Florin Bucatariu /
Equipment: Morphologi G3, Malvern Instruments Ltd.

Used to obtain complete information on the shape, size, transparency and concentration of particles in various media (suspensions, emulsions, dry powders), real-time image capture and processing of recorded data.

- Dr. Marcela Mihai /
Equipment: Shimadzu Testing Machine EZTest (EZ-LX/EZ-SX Series)

Used to perform tensile, compression and bending tests for soft materials (maximum load capacity 500 N).

- Dr. Maria Valentina Dinu /
Equipment: ND-R Rotary Dip Coater, Nadetech Innovations

The ND-R Rotatory Coater is used for the deposition of thin polyelectrolyte films onto planar substrates by wet deposition. It offers a high versatility for multistep deposition which requires the consecutive immersion in vessels with different solutions in a small space.

- Dr. Claudiu-Augustin Ghiorghita /
Equipment: Glove box MODEL: 2GB S, Changshu Tongrun Electronic

Used to handle samples with high sensitivity to humidity and oxygen in high-purity controlled atmosphere.

•        stainless steel construction, with 3 height adjustable interior shelves
•        vacuum transfer chamber with access hatch and pressure relief valve, including mini transfer chamber
•        automatic pressure controller
•        fluorescent and UV germicidal lamps
•        humidity and oxygen sensors

- Dr. Marius-Mihai Zaharia /
Equipment: UV-Vis Spectrophotometers (SPECORD 200 Plus and SPEKOL 1300, Analytik Jena)

Used to measure the concentration of bioactive compounds (drugs, metal ions, proteins, model dyes etc.). 

- Dr. Maria Valentina DINU / - Dr. Silvia VASILIU /
Equipment: HERMLE Z 326 K Centrifuge, HERMLE Labortechnik GmbH

Laboratory centrifuge for the separation of suspensions.

• Max. Volume: 4 x 145 ml
• Speed range: 200 - 18000 rpm
• Temperature range: -20°C to 40°C

- Dr. Stefania RACOVITA /
Equipment: CC1-K6 Huber Cryostat, Huber Kältemaschinenbau AG

Used for the synthesis of hydrogels below the freezing temperature of water (cryogels). Operating temperature range: -25 °C ÷ +200 °C.

- Dr. Maria Valentina DINU /
Equipment: Rotary evapporators

Büchi R-300, BÜCHI Labortechnik AGm


Distillation units with laboratory applications, such as concentrating solutions, removing solvents, vacuum drying wet solids, degassing liquids.

- Dr. Claudiu-Augustin Ghiorghita / - Dr. Maria Marinela LAZĂR /
Equipment: Ultrapure water purification systems

TKA Microlab, Thermo Scientific 

TKA Microlab is a compact complete-system that produces 6 litres of ultrapure water per hour. The built-in 6 litre tank for ultrapure water has a conical bottom for complete emptying and is equipped with a sterile vent filter and a pressure pump for supplying equipment connected downstream (e.g. autoclaves, analyzers). If required, a flexible dispenser with a sterile filter can be connected to the tank. The system has a small footprint, is very attractively designed and looks good in any laboratory.

EVOQUA ULTRA CLEAR® TP TWF, Evoqua Water Technologies LLC

The EVOQUA Ultra Clear TWF system is equipped with all the necessary components to produce reagent grade water (resistivity of 18.2 MΩ-cm and  TOC level between 1 - 3 ppb) directly from municipal tap water.

- Dr. Florin Bucatariu /
Equipment: OMNICOLL fraction collector/sampler coupled with HIFLOW peristaltic pump

Used to collect multiple sample fractions as a function of time or volume in chromatography or dynamic sorption experiments.


- Dr. Maria Valentina Dinu / - Dr. Claudiu-Augustin Ghiorghita /
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