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Laboratory 4. Functional Polymers
Head of laboratory: Dr. Marcela MIHAI
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1. M.V. Dinu, I.A. Dinu, M.M. Lazar, E.S. Dragan, Chitosan-based ion-imprinted cryo-composites with excellent selectivity for copper ions, Carbohydr. Polym. 186, 140-149, 2018,

2. F. Bucatariu, C.-A. Ghiorghita, E. S. Dragan, Cross-linked multilayer films deposited onto silica microparticles with tunable selectivity for anionic dyes, Colloids Surf. A 537, 53-60, 2018,

3. E. S. Dragan, D.F. Apopei Loghin, Fabrication and characterization of composite cryobeads based on chitosan and starches-g-PAN as efficient and reusable biosorbents for removal of Cu2+, Ni2+, and Co2+ ions, Int. J. Biolog. Macromol. 120B, 1872-1883, 2018,

4. C.-A. Ghiorghita, F. Bucatariu, E. S. Dragan, Poly(N,N-dimethylamino)ethyl methacrylate/sodium alginate multilayers and their interaction with proteins/enzymes, Int. J. Biol. Macromol. 107B, 1584 - 1590, 2018,

5.  S. Racovita, A. L. Vasiliu, A. Bele, S. Schwarz, C. Steinbach, R. Boldt, S. Schwarz, M. Mihai, Complex calcium carbonate/polymer microparticles as carriers for aminoglycoside antibiotics, RSC Adv. 8, 23274-23283, 2018,

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7. E. S. Dragan, M. V. Dinu, Spectacular Selectivity in the Capture of Methyl Orange by Composite Anion Exchangers with the Organic Part Hosted by DAISOGEL Microspheres, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 10, 20499−20511 2018,

8. M. V. Dinu, I. A. Dinu, M. M. Lazar, E. S. Dragan, Insights into the mechanism of Cu2+ binding onto chitosan based cryogel composites: equilibrium, kinetics and thermodynamics studies, Cellulose Chem. Technol. 52 (3-4), 181-192, 2018, Link

9. E. S. Dragan, D. Humelnicu, M. V. Dinu, Design of porous strong base anion exchangers bearing N,N-dialkyl 2-hydroxyethyl ammonium groups with enhanced retention of Cr(VI) ions from aqueous solution, React. Funct. Polym.124, 55–63, 2018,

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