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Laboratory 4. Functional Polymers
Head of laboratory: Dr. Marcela MIHAI
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1. M.V. Dinu,  M. Pradny, E.S. Dragan, J. Michalek, Morphogical and swelling properties of porous hydrogels based on poly(hydroxyethyl methacrylate) and chitosan modulated by ice-templating process and porogen leaching, J. Polym. Res. 20(11) Art 285, 2013,

2. E. S. Dragan, D. F. Apopei-Loghin, Enhanced sorption of Methylene Blue from aqueous solutions by semi-IPN somposite sryogels with anionically modified potato starch entrapped in PAAm matrix, Chem. Eng. J. 234, 211-222, 2013,

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5. C. -A. Ghiorghita, F. Bucatariu, E. S. Dragan, Loading and release of a model cationic dye onto/from chitosan/poly(acrylic acid) polyelectrolyte multilayers, Cell. Chem. Technol. 48(3-4), 247-253, 2013, Link

6. F. Bucatariu, C. -A. Ghiorghita, M. Mihai, F. Simon, E. S. Dragan, Pepsin and lysozyme immobilization onto daisogel particles functionalized with chitosan cross-linked multilayers, Rev. Chim. 64(3), 334-337, 2013, Link

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