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Agricultural waste - complete valorization to biofuels and chemicals - AgriValBack
Project status: Ongoing
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Biomass waste (stalks, pods/husks, shells, pits and pomaces/seeds) that is produced in large amounts and usually burned or disposed in landfill will be upgraded into value added materials.  The valorisation procedure intended in this project is the thermal treatment of agricultural waste in inert atmosphere (torrefaction and pyrolysis) to obtain liquid and solid products with increased calorific values to be used as biofuels or chemicals. The objectives of the project are as following:

  • To obtain a data set on characteristics of different locally available agricultural waste
  • To convert samples of locally available agricultural waste into valuable sources of chemicals or fuels using thermal treatment (torrefaction and pyrolysis) methods
  • To evaluate composition and properties of liquid and solid products of thermal treatment
  • To correlate the properties of agricultural waste with the torrefaction/pyrolysis products
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