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Project status: Ongoing
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Research articles:

- Chemometric approach for identification of biological sources in agriculture and food crops residues, M. Brebu, E. Butnaru, E. Stoleru, Waste Management, november 2023.

Participation at international / national conferences:

- 32nd Symposium on Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry "Eugen Segal" of the Commission for Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry of the Romanian Academy - CATCAR32, Măgurele, Romania, November 3, 2023:

  • M. Brebu, “Thermogravimetry as a versatile technique for characterisation of biomass residues and their gradual degradation with temperature”, plenary lecture PL2

- 7th Central and Eastern European Conference on Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (CEEC-TAC7), Brno, Czech Republic, August 28-31, 2023:

  • M. Brebu, E. Butnaru, D. Ioniță, “The effect of temperature on gradual degradation of structural components in biomass residues”,  oral presentation OP1.19
  • M. Brebu, E. Butnaru, E. Stoleru, “Thermogravimetric characterisation of various agriculture biomass residues prior to valorisation by thermal methods”, poster presentation PS1.25

- PYROASIA Symposium 2023, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, June 26-28, 2023:

  • M. Brebu, E. Butnaru, E. Stoleru, “Valorization of biomass residues by thermal methods”, poster presentation Pyro2360

- International Congress of “Apollonia” University Iași - By promoting excellence, we prepare the future, Edition XXXIII, Iași, Romania, March 2-5, 2023:

  • E. Butnaru, E. Stoleru, E. Marlica, C. Grigoraș, M. Brebu, “Plant-derived residues as source of valuable materials”, oral communication

- New trends and strategies in the chemistry of advanced materials with relevance in biological systems, technique and environmental protection, 14th Edition of the Symposium with international participation, Timisoara, Romania, October 20-21, 2022:

  • E. Butnaru, D. Pamfil, E. Stoleru, M. Brebu, “Characterization of biomass residues for thermochemical applications”, poster presentation P40
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