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Agricultural waste - complete valorization to biofuels and chemicals - AgriValBack
Project status: Ongoing
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The AgriValBack project aims to create an open access database, which correlates information on agricultural biomass wastes locally available withs the composition and quality of their related torrefaction and pyrolysis products. Five groups were considered, according to specific parts of plants: stalks, pods/husks, shells, fruit stones/pits and pomace/seeds. The intended upgrading procedure is the thermal treatment of agricultural waste in inert atmosphere (torrefaction, pyrolysis) to obtain added-value liquid and solids to be used as biofuels or feedstock. The particularity and importance of AgriValBack proposal is the correlation under unified approach of data from various biomass samples in a small geographical area (virtually a vegetable and fruit garden) and from their related torrefaction/pyrolysis products. This will help scientists to find solutions for on-site conversion of agricultural waste into high value products that can be used locally.

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