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Multi-stimuli responsive silicone composites for switchable dual-function transducers
Project status: Ended
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SO1. To provide silicone matrix with optimal mechanical properties (elongation at break >
100%, Young’s modulus < 1 MPa, low stress relaxation, mechanical creep and hysteresis) by controlling
the chemical structure, molecular weight, functionality and crosslinking pattern.

SO2. To design and develop optimal silicone-SCO composite films by optimizing the preparation
conditions and their composition.

SO3. To prove the dual applicability of silicone-SCO materials for both multi-sensing and
actuation devices by evaluating their mechanical, optical, dielectric, magnetic, and electromechanical

SO4. To promote the project and to disseminate/valorize its results through project website,
paper publication in ISI journals (2), patent application (1) and participations at scientific events (3).

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