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Multi-stimuli responsive silicone composites for switchable dual-function transducers
Project status: Ended
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The project proposes to broaden the application of  silicone elastomers via an innovative technique. The goal of the project is to create dielectric elastomers with diverse functions that may be employed as active components in switchable transducers (actuator/sensor). The suggested solution is unique in that it combines the good features of silicone elastomers with those of spin crossover complexes (SCO) and makes use of the synergy between them. Without the use of solvents, SCO components will be physically integrated into silicone matrices. When SCO components are introduced into the silicone matrix, they perform two functions: they increase dielectric permittivity and transform the composite material into a multi-stimulus responsive material. These materials might serve as the foundation for a new generation of transducers, providing technical compatibility for a variety of applications, including stretchy sensors, flexible electronics, robotics, energy harvesting, medical devices, and environmental monitoring.

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