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Design of novel 3D architectures with controlled anti-freezing and conductive properties
Project status: Ongoing
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  • Protocols for the chemical functionalization of hydroxypropyl cellulose using selective oxidation techniques were created and fine-tuned.
  • For the purpose of preparing hydrogels with antifreeze and conductive properties, carboxylic and/or aldehydic groups were introduced into the structure of the cellulose derivative depending on the selectivity of the oxidizing agent (TEMPO for the oxidation of primary hydroxyl groups, NaIO4 for the oxidation of secondary hydroxyl groups, TEMPO in combination with NaIO4 for the simultaneous oxidation of primary and secondary hydroxyl groups).
  • FTIR, NMR, scanning electron microscopy, and conductometric titration were the methods that were used so that the structure of the oxidized materials could be validated.
  • The "project execution plan" was successful in every way, as measured by the following indicators: 1 published work (proposal 0), participation in scientific meetings (including one oral presentation and two poster presentations), and the establishment of a website for the project.

Published scientific works:

1. R.I. Baron, I.A. Duceac, S. Morariu, A.C. Bostănaru-Iliescu, S. Coseri, Hemostatic Cryogels Based on Oxidized Pullulan/Dopamine with Potential Use as Wound Dressings, Gels 2022, 8(11), 726;

Participation at national and international conferences:

1. R.I. Baron, G. Biliuta, S. Coseri, A facile process for the preparation of water-soluble cellulose derivatives, A XXXVI-a Conferinţă naţională de chimie – CNChim–2022 Călimăneşti – Căciulata, România.

2. R.I. Baron, G. Biliuta, S. Coseri, 3D cellulosic architectures carrying magnetic nanoparticles, International Chemical Engineering and Material Symposium, SICHEM 2022, 17-18 November 2022, București, România.

3. I.A. Duceac, R.I. Baron, G. Biliuta, S. Coseri, Studies on hydrogels based on periodate-oxidized pullulan for potential biomedical applications, ICMPP – Open door to the future, Scientific communications of young researchers, MacroYouth 2022, 3rd Edition, Iași, November 18, 2022.

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