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Design of novel 3D architectures with controlled anti-freezing and conductive properties
Project status: Ended
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Published scientific works:

  1. R.I. Baron, I.A. Duceac, S. Morariu, A.C. Bostănaru-Iliescu, S. Coseri, Hemostatic Cryogels Based on Oxidized Pullulan/Dopamine with Potential Use as Wound Dressings, Gels 2022, 8(11), 726,
  2. R.I. Baron, G. Biliuță, A. Macsim, M.V. Dinu, S. Coseri, Chemistry of Hydroxypropyl Cellulose Oxidized by Two Selective Oxidants, Polymers 2023, 15, 3930,
  3. R.I. Baron, G. Biliuta, D. Bejan, R.N. Darie-Nita, S. Coseri, M.V. Dinu, Hybrid Anti-freezing Hydrogels Endowed with Superior Mechanical, Conductive and Magnetic Performances - in evaluation at Chemical Engineering Journal.

Participation at national and international conferences:

1. R.I. Baron, G. Biliuta, S. Coseri, A facile process for the preparation of water-soluble cellulose derivatives, A XXXVI-a Conferinţă naţională de chimie – CNChim–2022 Călimăneşti – Căciulata, România.

2. R.I. Baron, G. Biliuta, S. Coseri, 3D cellulosic architectures carrying magnetic nanoparticles, International Chemical Engineering and Material Symposium, SICHEM 2022, 17-18 November 2022, București, România.

3. I.A. Duceac, R.I. Baron, G. Biliuta, S. Coseri, Studies on hydrogels based on periodate-oxidized pullulan for potential biomedical applications, ICMPP – Open door to the future, Scientific communications of young researchers, MacroYouth 2022, 3rd Edition, Iași, November 18, 2022.

4. R.I. Baron, G. Biliuta, M.V. Dinu, S. Coseri, Hydroxypropyl cellulose oxidation by means of selective reagents, Materials, Methods & Technologies 25th International Conference 17-20 August 2023, Burgas, Bulgaria.

5. R.I. Baron, G. Biliuta, M.V. Dinu, S. Coseri, Insights on the hydroxypropyl cellulose oxidation using combined oxidative systems, 6th EuChemS Conference on Green and Sustainable Chemistry, 3-6 Septembrie 2023, Salerno, Italia.

6. I.A. Duceac, R.I. Baron, G. Biliuta, M.V. Dinu, S. Coseri, Versatile magnetic films inspired by natural sources, Proceedings in 29th Progress in Organic and Macromolecular Compounds, MACRO Iasi, 4-6 octombrie 2023.

7. R.I. Baron, M.V. Dinu, G. Biliuta, S. Coseri Developing novel three-dimensional structures with modulated electrical and antifreezing properties, Congresul Internațional al Universității „Apollonia” din Iași “Pregătim viitorul promovând excelența” Ediția a XXXIV-a 29 februarie - 3 martie 2024, IAȘI, ROMANIA

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