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Intelligent tools for design, processing and optimization of new PS-POSS-IL (polysulfone-silsesquioxanes impregnated with ionic liquids) type membranes applied in CO2 gas separation
Project status: Ended
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The following concrete objectives are defined to meet the project goal:

(O1) Objective 1: Design and fabrication of the polysulfone-silsesquioxanes membranes.

(O2) Objective 2: Design and fabrication of the polysulfone-silsesquioxanes membranes impregnated with ionic liquids.

(O3) Objective 3: Validation of the process consisting in a laboratory technology and in a neural network model for designing the membranes for use as CO2 capture/separation media.

(O4) Objective 4: Increased visibility of the team and institution with four research papers describing fundamental results in ISI peer-reviewed journals, and one patent application for applicable results regarding the final product in the form of a neural network model with the proposed application, as well as participation at seven conferences.

(O5) Objective 5: Increased awareness of available human resource for CO2 capture and separation technologies research in the European Union.

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