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Intelligent tools for design, processing and optimization of new PS-POSS-IL (polysulfone-silsesquioxanes impregnated with ionic liquids) type membranes applied in CO2 gas separation
Project status: Ongoing
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The project aims to develop, through a cost-reasonable approach, a laboratory technology for making new PSf-POSS-IL membranes (polysulfones-silsesquioxanes membranes impregnated with ionic liquids) as active materials with user-controlled adaptability for integrated management of the CO2 gas separation using artificial intelligence tools.  The incorporation of silsesquioxanes-the inorganic nanomaterials into the polymer matrix makes possible the improvement of a wide range of properties. Therefore, the heterogeneous matrix membranes composed by a thin film of polymer and well dispersed silsesquioxanes have been studied in CO2 separation.  Artificial intelligence tools  will be used in order to find the most appropriate reaction conditions for obtaining and characterization of new polysulfone-silsesquioxanes membranes impregnated with ionic liquids (PS-POSS-IL) (with predetermined characteristics) as new materials suitable for CO2 capture and storage.

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