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Eco-nanomaterials based on chitosan for applications of contemporary interest
Project status: Ongoing
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          The goal of the project is to develop new ecological sustainable chitosan-based nanofibers by ecological electrospinning method in view of application in healthcare and environment protection. The central idea is to use quaternary salts of chitosan as co-spinning agent of chitosan to prepare a library of chitosan/quaternary salts of chitosan nanofibers. This will be further developed by embedding various fillers towards composite nanofibers and by imination towards dynamic imino-derivatives, targeting to amplify properties for certain applications.

          The project proposal implies a systematic investigation of the new ecological nanomaterials, by laborious laboratory work and a solid knowledge of the state of the art, to produce a database comprising manufacture conditions/products/properties. Thus, the novelty of the proposed nanomaterials, the well documented premises behind their design, and the well-organized form of presentation of the project findings will contribute substantially to facilitate the transfer of the research to application towards the society benefit.

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