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Resorbable bandage with "on demand" norfloxacin release for the healing of burn wounds
Project status: Ongoing
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        The present project is the result of the cumulated experience of two teams, which intend to further bring together researchers with diverse and complementary skills and expertise in chemistry, materials science, and pharmacology to provide a marketable product for burn wound healing. The proposal is made considering the critical socio-economic impact of burns, especially in low- and middle-income countries, such as Romania.

       The product is designed in the form of a non-woven fiber bandage made of biodegradable chitosan, and is expected to promote the scar-free healing, without trauma. To reach this goal, the original approach of the project is to produce nanoporous chitosan fibers, which are able (i) to encapsulate a broad-spectrum antibiotic (norfloxacin) inside the interconnected nanopores created in the fibres mats, (ii) to ensure a high swelling degree of the fibers, necessary to allow the exudate drainage while maintaining a moist environment for healing, and (iii) to obtain tiny chitosan surfaces, facilitating biodegradation over the healing period. The fibers will be sealed by iminoboronate units, which also exhibit a strong antimicrobial activity.

           Therefore, the final product is expected to ensure the exudate drainage and to act as a barrier against bacterial and fungal infections. In addition, the product is biodegradable, which avoids the traumatic debridement process characteristic of traditional dressings. The product is designed to respond “on demand” to the infections threatening healing, circumventing the need for cleaning and redressing, which allows the body to do work on its own.

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