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Laboratory 8. Physical Chemistry of Polymers
Head of laboratory: Dr. Anton AIRINEI
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Equipment: Agilent 708-DS dissolution tester coupled with Cary 60 UV/Vis Spectrometer

Agilent’s 708-DS Dissolution Apparatus provide an accurate, fast, flexible, and safe instrument to execute a variety of dissolution methods.

- Dr. Daniela PAMFIL / - Dr. Raluca DUMITRIU /
Equipment: Transient absorption spectrometer LP980, Edinburgh Instruments

Transient absorption can be performed in a wide range of timescales, from picoseconds to seconds. Experiments in the nanosecond to seconds range have many applications involving detection of free radicals, excited states, and charge transfer reaction intermediates. It is the technique of choice to study reaction kinetics, the lifetimes of non-emissive triplet states, and to detect elusive intermediates in light-triggered processes. Therefore it is very useful in fundamental photochemistry, materials science, and photobiology.

Dr. Carmen GHERASIM /
Equipment: FLS980 Edinburgh Instruments photoluminescence spectrometer

The FLS980 combines ultimate sensitivity with high spectral resolution and excellent stray light rejection, setting the industry the standard for both steady state and time-resolved photoluminescence spectroscopy in the ultraviolet and near-infrared spectral range.

Dr. Radu Ionut TIGOIANU /
Equipment: GC-MSD/FID gas-chromatograph with mass spectrometry and flame ionization detectors, Agilent 6890N Inert XL

Qualitative and quantitative chromatographic analysis of volatile samples.

- Dr. Mihai BREBU /
Equipment: Anton Paar Physica MCR301 rheometer

Physica MCR301 Anton Paar Rheometer is a modern modular system with compact design, electronically controlled. The device allows performance of rheological measurements on polymeric materials as liquids (solutions, emulsions, suspensions), gels, creams, paste-like materials, soft solids, melts and also deformation behavior of solids (DMA torsion and extension).

- Dr. Raluca Petronela Dumitriu / - Dr. Raluca Nicoleta Darie-Nita /
Equipment: KSV CAM 200 goniometer

KSV CAM 200 is a fully computer controlled instrument based on video capture of images and automatic image analysis for measuring static or dynamic contact angles, surface or interfacial tensions of liquids, surface free energies.

Determination of surface hydrophilicity/wettability of different polymeric samples and surface free energies
- Dr. Elena STOLERU / - Dr. Daniela PAMFIL / - Dr. Irina Elena RASCHIP /
Equipment: Automatical Viscometer Schott CT52 (Schott-Gerate GmbH, Mainz, Germany)

Allows measurement the viscosities of the diluted polymer solutions using an Ubbelohde suspended-level viscometer inserted into a thermostat bath and connected to the computer. The software allows to regulate the temperature and to measure the flow times.

- Dr. Adina Maria Dobos / - Dr. Mihaela Dorina Onofrei /
Equipment: Electrospinning System – Starter Kit V2 (Linari Engineering, Pise, Italia)

Allows the micro- and nanofabrication of a wide variety of fibrous materials with incredible possibilities of applications. Starting from a polymer dissolved in a solvent can be created continuous fibers with diameters ranging from a few tens of nanometers up to several micrometers by variation of the applied electric field, distance between the needle and collector, flow rate, needle diameter and/or solution concentration, used solvents.

- Dr. Anca Filimon /
Equipment: OSMOMAT 090 Membranes Osmometer (GONOTEC GmbH, Berlin, Germany)

suitable for determining the osmotic pressure of higher molecular substances or polymers in aqueous or organic solvents and makes possible to calculate the number average of the molecular weight of polymers. 

- Dr. Anca Filimon /
Equipment: Rheometer Bohlin CS50 (Malvern, UK)

Determines flow curves and viscoelastic properties of polymer solutions in semi-dilute and concentrated regime.

Rotational rheometer with cone-plate measuring system (4o/40mm) that allows (1) shear viscosity tests in the shear rate interval of 0.07-4000 s-1 and (2) shear oscillatory tests in the shear frequency domain 0.01-100 Hz.

Polymer processing as coatings, composites or fibers.
- Dr. Andreea Irina BARZIC /
Equipment: Conductometer (Keithley Instruments, USA)

The device is equipped with four point probe measurement system and allows measurement of surface conductivity/resistivity (1mOhm - 1TOhm).

Semiconducting polymers for electronics.
- Dr. Andreea Irina BARZIC /
Equipment: Optical microscope (Bresser, Germany)

The microscope works in both transmission and reflection modes. The magnifications of the objective are comprised between 5x and 60x. The measurements can be performed only at room temperature. 

Liquid crystals, patterned surfaces, transparent polymers for electronics and biomedicine.
- Dr. Andreea Irina BARZIC /
Equipment: Alpha Bruker FT-IR spectrometer with three available modules

The Alpha spectrometer provides an optimal instrument design for almost each sample and therefore is greatly suitable for a large variety of applications. Spectral range: 4000-400 cm-1, and 4 cm-1 resolution.

Platinum ATR module: ALPHAs Platinum ATR single reflection diamond ATR module. A variety of sampling options for temperature-controlled measurements and liquid flow through analysis complete the versatility of the Platinum ATR.

Universal sampling module: samples: solids, liquids and gases. This transmission sample compartment can hold a variety of gas cells and liquid cells. Solid samples can be investigated in a standard pellet holder.

External reflection module: allow contactless and non-destructive FTIR analysis of large samples on top or in front of the spectrometer. Paper or textile fabrics are simply placed on top of the instrument to be analyzed. Large samples like metal or mural paintings during restoration process can be investigated. 

- Dr. Maria-Cristina POPESCU /
Equipment: NIR portable spectrometer The Phazirâ„¢

The spectrometer can be used to collect application specific spectra in field to support chemometric model development. Spectral range ~900-1690 nm (11,200 – 5,900 cm-1). Applications: materials identification, incoming material inspection, quality control and assurance, portable in-field use.

- Dr. Maria-Cristina POPESCU /
Equipment: Manometric gas permeability tester L100-5000 Systech

Apparatus for the determination of gas permeability: O2, CO2, air. The instrument suits excellently for the determination of the Gas permeability of Packing foils with a thickness between 0.01-2 mm according to a permeability between 0.3-10000 ml / m2 and day, which covers more than 90% of all known Packing foils. Whether foils with high or with very low permeability: the L100-5000 delivers for the most common gases precise and reproducible measurements within acceptable measuring times. With the new L100-5000 the reliable determination of the permeability of Packing foils for foods, tobacco products, from complex protection membranes, as well as the quality control of many other materials becomes routine.

- Dr. Mihai BREBU / - Dr. Anamaria IRIMIA /
Equipment: PERMETM OX2/231 Oxygen Permeability Tester

OX2/231 oxygen permeability tester is based on the equal pressure method, and is professional applicable to the determination of oxygen transmission rate of film and package products, including plastic films, composite films, sheeting, plastic bottles, plastic bags and other packages. The pre-conditioned specimen is mounted between the upper and lower chambers at ambient atmospheric pressure. One chamber contains oxygen and the other chamber is slowly purged by a stream of nitrogen. Due to the concentration difference between the two chambers, oxygen molecules permeate through the specimen into the nitrogen side and are taken to the coulometric sensor where proportional electrical signals are generated. The oxygen transmission rate is then obtained by analyzing and calculating the signals. For package samples, high purity nitrogen flows inside the package, and oxygen flows outside.

- Dr. Anamaria IRIMIA /
Equipment: Cary 60 UV-Vis – Agilent spectrometer

Cary 60 UV-Vis – Agilent spectrometer: efficient, accurate and flexible instrument; present reliable performance using fiber optic measurement probes, with highly focused beam image for measuring small volumes accurately and reproducibly, improve sample throughput velocity (scan the entire wavelength range: 190 to 1100 nm or collect data from single or multiple wavelengths) and has performance enhancing accessories (to accurately characterize the widest variety of sample sizes and types without compromise).

- Dr. Maria-Cristina POPESCU /
Equipment: Centrifuge Z 306

The small universal laboratory centrifuge offers a wide range of applications, which covers clinical laboratory requirements, research, as well as industrial laboratory use. The Z 306 has rotor which hold a volume of 4 x 100 ml.

- Drd. Bianca-Ioana DOGARU /
Equipment: Multimeter INOLAB 740

Multimeter INOLAB 740 measuring system (WTW GmbH, Weilheim, Germany) equipped with active multifunction boxes (pH, pH/ION, Oxi, BSB/BOD, Cond, pH/Cond and Multi) allows measurement of the:

- pH and the ion concentration using measuring modules: pH, pH/ION, pH/Cond and Multi; 

- dissolved oxygen and BOD using Oxi, BSB/BOD and Multi measuring modules; 

- conductivity, salinity, total dissolved solids using Cond, pH/Cond and Multi measuring modules.

The MultiLab® pilot software serves to display and evaluate data using the PC. 

Dr. Adina Maria Dobos /
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