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Laboratory 8. Physical Chemistry of Polymers
Head of laboratory: Dr. Anton AIRINEI
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 Research fields:

  • Preparation of some materials based on multicomponent systems: sensitive materials to external stimuli, having antimicrobial/antioxidant/bioactive properties, materials with special surface properties, bionanocomposites
  • Physico-chemical and biological characterization and testing of the new obtained materials
  •  Biodegradation and artificial aging of polymer materials 
  • Incorporation of active compounds in polymer biocompatible matrices
  • Thermal behavior of polymer materials
  • Hydrogel preparation based on  natural polymers, sensitive to external stimuli
  • Special aspects regarding the obtaining of nanoparticles from natural polymers  and their physico-chemical characterization
  • Design of new multifunctional materials containing polymer nanoparticles
  • Valorization of lignocellulosic wastes by their incorporporation in polymer multicomponent systems, taking into account improving the impact on the environment
  • Natural and synthetic polymers modified with resinic acid derivatives, obtained by  Diels-Alder reactions
  • New crosslinked polymers based on epoxy resins from vegetal and/or synthetic oils
  • Study of the mass transport processes (drugs, biocid agents, etc.) in biocompatible polymer systems 
  • Investigation of  thermal transport processes in polymers containing inorganic and/or organic nanophases
  • Preparation and synthesis conditions od some  multicomponent systems with advanced optical properties
  • Structural, morphological characterization and analysis of optical properties of obtained  complex systems
  • Photophysical and photochemical behavior of these systems in different media under influence of physical and chemical factors
  • Investigation of quenching mechanisms of the fluorescence by steady state and dynamic spectral techniques
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