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Laboratory 6. Inorganic Polymers
Head of laboratory: Dr. Maria CAZACU
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1. Soft silicone elastomers exhibiting large actuation strains, Bele, A., Dascalu, M., Tugui, C., Stiubianu, G.T., Varganici, C.D., Racles, C., Cazacu, M., Skov, A.L., Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 139(22), 52261, (2022), , F.I.= 2.81

2. Bentonite as an active natural filler for silicone leading to piezoelectric-like response material, Iacob, M., Tiron, V., Stiubianu, G.T., Dascalu, M., Hernandez, L., Varganici, C.D., Tugui, C., Cazacu, M., Journal of Materials Research and Technology, 17, 79-94, (2022), , F.I.=4.88

3. One-pot reduction-hydrophobization of heterogenized platinum with 1,1,3,3-tetramethyldisiloxane, Stoica, A.C., Damoc, M., Baltag, L.,  Macsim, A.M.,  Nicolescu, A.,  Dinu, M.V.,  Ionita, G., Cazacu, M., Applied Organometallic Chemistry, 36 (1), e6485, (2022), , F.I.=3.60.

4. Materials based on Quaternized Polysulfones with potential applications in biomedical field: structure-properties relationship, Bargan, A., Onofrei, M.D., Stoica, I., Doroftei, F., Dunca, S., Filimon, A., International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 23(9), 4721, (2022),  , F.I.=5.924. 

5. 2D coordination polymers and ionic complexes of the nickel(II) and zinc(II) cyclam cations with trigonal carboxylate linkers based on triazine core. Crystal structures, supramolecular catenation and spectral characterization, Gurtovyi R.I., Gavrish, S.P., Tsymbal, L.V.,  Apostu, M.O.,  Cazacu, M., Shova, S., Lampeka, Y.D., Polyhedron, 221, 115870, , F.I.=2.88

6. Silicone elastomers with improved electro-mechanical performance using slide-ring polymers, Bele, A.,  Dascalu, M., Tugui, C., Farcas, A., Journal of Polymer Research, 29, 202, (2022), , F.I.=3.097

7. Binary Silicone Elastomeric Systems with Stepwise Crosslinking as a Tool for Tuning Electromechanical Behavior, Bele, A., Yu, L., Dascalu, M., Timpu, D., Sacarescu, L., Varganici, C.D., Ionita, D., Isac, D., Vasiliu, A.L., Polymers, 14(1), 211, (2022), , F.I.= 4.329 

8. Synthesis, characterization, and some metal complexes of bis(isocyanide)disiloxane, showing catalytic activity, Racles, C., Zaltariov, M.F., Silion, M., Avadanei, M., Macsim, A.M., Nicolescu, A., Applied Organometallic Chemistry, 36(3), e6543, (2022), , F.I.=3.60 

9. Functionalized mesoporous silica as doxorubicin carriers and cytotoxicity boosters, Racles, C.,  Zaltariov,M.F., Peptanariu,D.,  Vasiliu T., Cazacu, M., Nanomaterials 2022, 12(11), 1823;

10. Imination of Microporous Chitosan Fibers—A Route to Biomaterials with “On Demand” Antimicrobial Activity and Biodegradation for Wound Dressings, Anisiei, A., Rosca, I., Sandu, A.I., Bele, A., Cheng, X., Marin, L., Pharmaceutics, 14(1), 117, (2022), , F.I.=6.32.

11. MWCNTs Composites-Based on new chemically modified polysulfone matrix for biomedical applications, Nica, S.L., Zaltariov, M.F., Pamfil, D., Bargan, A., Rusu, D., Rata, D.M., Gaina, C., Atanase, L.I., Nanomaterials, (2022), 12 (9), 1502,  , F.I.=5.076. 

12. Composite materials based on gelatin and iron oxide nanoparticles for MRI Accuracy, Drobota, M., Vlad, S., Gradinaru L.M., Bargan, A., Radu, I., Butnaru, M., Rimbu, C.M, Ciobanu, R.C., Aflori, M., , Materials, (2022), 15(10), 3479, , F.I.=3.62

13. Cellulose derivative/barium titanate composites with high refractive index, conductivity and energy density, Barzic, A.I., Soroceanu, M., Rotaru, R., Doroftei, F., Asandulesa, M., Tugui, C., Dascalu, A.I., Harabagiu, V., Cellulose, 29, 863-878, (2022), , F.I.=4.80 

14. Equilibrium, kinetic, and thermodynamic studies of new materials based on xanthan gum and cobalt ferrite for dye adsorption, Spiridon, I., Apostol, I., Anghel, N.C., Zaltariov, M.F., Applied Organometallic Chemistry, 36(6), e6670, (2022), , F.I.=3.60

15. Cu(II)/Guanidine Functionalized Disiloxane Complex of Supramolecular Structures for Visible Light-Driven Photocatalysis of Congo Red, Fortuna, M.E., Pricop, L., Zaltariov, M.F., Popovici, D., Ignat, M., Harabagiu, V., Simionescu, B.C., Polymers, 14(4), 817, (2022), , F.I.=4.329 

16. Ultrasound assisted synthesis of heterostructured TiO2/ZnFe2O4 and TiO2/ZnFe1.98 La0.02 O4 systems as tunable photocatalysts for efficient organic pollutants removal, Coromelci, C., Neamtu, M., Ignat, M., Samoila, P., Zaltariov, M.F., Palamaru, M., Ceramics International, 48(4), 4829-4840, (2022), , F.I.= 4.47

17. Solvatomorphism, polymorphism and spin crossover in bis[hydrotris(1,2,3-triazol-1-yl)borate]iron(II), Horniichuk, O., Ridier, K., Molnar,G.,  Kotsyubynsky, V.,  Shova, S., Amirkhanov, V.,   Gural’skiy, I.A.,    Salmon, L., Bousseksou, A., New Journal of Chemistry, (2022), accepted for publication, , F.I.= 3.591

18. Two-Step Spin Crossover in Hofmann-Type Coordination Polymers [Fe(2-phenylpyrazine)2{M(CN)2}2] (M = Ag, Au), Hiiuk, V.M., Shylin, S.I., Barakhtii, D.D., Korytko, D.M., Kotsyubynsky, V.O.,, Rotaru, A., Shova, S., Gural’skiy, I.A., Inorganic Chemistry, (2022), 61 (4), 2093-2104, , F.I.=5.165

19. 1D iron(ii)-1,2,4-triazolic chains with spin crossover assembled from discrete trinuclear complexes, Shylin, S.I., Shova, S., Shepherd, H.J., Ksenofontov, V., Tremel, W., Gural’skiy, I.A, Dalton Transactions, (2022), 51, 2364-2369, , F.I.= 4.390

20. Solid Phase Luminescence and Thermal Transformations of Palladium(II) Complexes with 3-(2-Pyridyl)-1,2,4-Triazoles,    Zakharchenko, B.V., Khomenko, D.M., Doroshchuk, R.O., Raspertova, I.V., Fesych, I.V., Starova, V.S., Rusakova, N.V., Smola, S.S., Shova, S., Lampeka R.D.,Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry, (2022), 57, 358-365, , F.I.= 0.827

21. Crystal structure of poly[[di­aqua­tetra-μ2-cyanido-platinum(II)iron(II)] methanol 4/3-solvate]: a three-dimensional Hofmann clathrate analogue, Hiiuk, V.M., Mykhailovych, V., Shova, S., Golenya, I. A., Gural'skiy I. A., Acta Cryst. (2022). E78, 216-219, , F.I.=0.65

22. Diastereomeric dinickel(ii) complexes with non-innocent bis(octaazamacrocyclic) ligands: isomerization, spectroelectrochemistry, DFT calculations and use in catalytic oxidation of cyclohexane, Dobrov, A., Darvasiová, D., Zalibera, M., Bučinský, L., Jelemenská, I.,   Rapta,  P.,  Shova, S.,  Dumitrescu, D.G.,, Andrade, M.A. ,  Martins, L. M.D.R.S., Pombeiro A. J. L., Arion, V. B., Dalton Transactions, (2022), 51, 5151-5167, , F.I.=4.390 

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