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Laboratory 6. Inorganic Polymers
Head of laboratory: Dr. Maria CAZACU
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1. Oxidation vs. degradation in polysaccharides: Pullulan - A case study, S. Coseri, M. Bercea, V. Harabagiu, T. Budtova, European Polymer Journal, 85, 82-91, (2016),

2. Viscose-Barium Titanate composites for electromagnetic shielding, R. Rotaru, C. Peptu, V. Harabagiu, Cellulose Chemistry and Technology, 50, (5-6), 621-628, (2016), 

3. Pullulan: A versatile coating agent for superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles, S. Coseri, A. Spatareanu, L. Sacarescu, V. Socoliuc, I.S. Stratulat, V. Harabagiu, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 133(5), 42926, (2016),

4. Behavior of thermo- and pH-responsive copolymer of N-isopropylacrylamide and maleic acid in aqueous solutions, E.B. Tarabukina, M.A. Simonova, S. Bucatariu, V. Harabagiu, G. Fundueanu, A.P. Filippov, International Journal of Polymer Analysis and Characterization, 21, 1, 11-17, (2016),

5. Novel Synthesis Route for Chitosan-Coated Zinc Ferrite Nanoparticles as Potential Sorbents for Wastewater Treatment, M. Ignat, P. Samoila, C. Cojocaru, L. Sacarescu, V. Harabagiu, Chemical Engineering Communications, 203(12), 1591-1599, (2016),

6. From iron coordination compounds to metal oxide nanoparticles, M. Iacob, C. Racles, C. Tugui, G. Stiubianu, A. Bele, L. Sacarescu, D. Timpu, M. Cazacu, Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology, 7, 2074-2087, (2016),  DOI: 10.3762/bjnano.7.198  

7. Synthesis, characterization and catalytic behavior of Mg-Zn Ferrites supported on Alumina, T. Slatineanu, A.M. Dumitrescu, P. Samoila, A. Nistor, M. Cazacu, V. Nica, A.R. Iordan, M.N. Palamaru, Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, 15, 11, 2537-2543, (2016), 

8. Cationic hybrids from poly(N,N-dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate) covalently crosslinked with chloroalkyl silicone derivatives effective in binding anionic dyes, M.M. Lazar, C.D. Varganici, M. Cazacu, E.S. Dragan, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 133, 37, 43942, (2016),

9. Changes induced in the properties of dielectric silicone elastomers by the incorporation of transition metal complexes, G. Stiubianu, A.M.C. Dumitriu, C.D. Varganici, C. Tugui, M. Iacob, A. Bele, M. Cazacu, High Performance Polymers, 28, 8, 915-926, (2016),

10. Dielectric silicone elastomers filled with in situ generated polar silsesquioxanes: Preparation, characterization and evaluation of electromechanical performance, A. Bele, M. Dascalu, C. Tugui, M. Iacob, C. Racles, L. Sacarescu, M. Cazacu, Materials&Design, 106, 454-462, (2016),

11. Synthesis, structural characterization and quantum chemical studies of silicon-containing benzoic acid derivatives, M.F. Zaltariov, C. Cojocaru, S. Shova, L. Sacarescu, M. Cazacu, Journal of Molecular Structure, 1120, 302-316, (2016),

12. Oxime-Bridged Mn-6 Clusters Inserted in One-Dimensional Coordination Polymer, M.F. Zaltariov, M. Cazacu, L. Sacarescu, A. Vlad, G. Novitchi, C. Train, S. Shova, V.B. Arion, Macromolecules, 49, 17, 6163-6172, (2016), 

13. New Zn(II) and Cu(II) complexes with in situ generated N2O2 siloxane Schiff base ligands, A. Vlad, M.F. Zaltariov, S. Shova, M. Cazacu, M. Avadanei, A. Soroceanu, P. Samoila, Polyhedron, 115, 76-85, (2016),

14. Silicone-based elastic composites able to generate energy on micromechanical impulse, C. Racles, M. Ignat, A. Bele, M. Dascalu, D. Lipcinski, M. Cazacu, Smart Materials and Structures, 25, 8, 085024, (2016).

15. Dielectric elastomers based on silicones filled with transitional metal complexes, G. Stiubianu, A. Soroceanu, C.D. Varganici, C. Tugui, M. Cazacu, Composites Part B-Engineering, 93, 236-243, (2016),

16. Synthesis of functionalized silica nanostructure: Unexpected conversion of cyanopropyl group in chloropropyl one during HCL-catalysed hydrolysis of the corresponding triethoxysilane, A.M.C. Dumitriu, M. Balan, A. Bargan, S. Shova, C.D. Varganici, M. Cazacu, Journal of Molecular Structure, 1110, 150-155, (2016),

17. Synthesis and Characterization of octakis(3-chloroammoniumpropyl)octasilsesquioxane, A.M.C. Dumitriu, A. Bargan, M. Balan, C.D. Varganici, S. Shova, M. Cazacu, Revue Roumaine de Chimie, 61, 4-5, 385-393, (2016), 

18. Assessment of some application potentials for copper complexes of the ligands containing siloxane moiety: Antimicrobial, antifungal, antioxidant and redox activity, A. Soroceanu, L. Vacareanu, N. Vornicu, M. Cazacu, V. Rudic, T. Croitori, Inorganica Chimica Acta, 442, 119-123, (2016),

19. Interpenetrating poly(urethane-urea)-polydimethylsiloxane networks designed as active elements in electromechanical transducers, C. Tugui, S. Vlad, M. Iacob, C.D. Varganici, L. Pricop, M. Cazacu, Polymer Chemistry, 7(15), 2709-2719, (2016),

20. Aging behavior of the silicone dielectric elastomers in a simulated marine environment, A. Bele, G. Stiubianu, S. Vlad, C. Tugui, C.D. Varganici, L. Matricala, D. Ionita, D. Timpu, M. Cazacu, RSC Advances, 6, 11, 8941-8955, (2016),

21. Metal-organic frameworks based on tri- and penta-nuclear manganese(II) secondary building units self-assembled by a V-shaped silicon-containing dicarboxylate, A. Vlad, M.F. Zaltariov, S. Shova, G. Novitchi, C. Train, M. Cazacu, RSC Advances, 6, 44, 37412-37423, (2016),

22. Transparent and fluorescent thin films of polysilane-SiQD nanocomposite: cellulose acetate, L. Sacarescu, M. Simionescu, G. Sacarescu, S. Coseri, Cellulose, 23, 6, 3847-3860, (2016), 

23. Fluorescence detection system based on silicon quantum dots-polysilane nanocomposites, L. Sacarescu, G. Roman, G. Sacarescu, M. Simionescu, Express Polymer Letters, 12, 990-1002, (2016), DOI: 10.3144/expresspolymlett.2016.92 

24. Hybrid Nanostructures Containing Sulfadiazine Modified Chitosan as Antimicrobial Drug Carriers, B.S. Munteanu, P.P. Dumitriu, L. Profire, L. Sacarescu, G.E. Hitruc, E. Stoleru, M. Dobromir, A.L. Matricala, C, Vasile, Nanomaterials, 6, 11, 207, (2016),

25. Iron oxide-silica nanocomposites yielded by chemical route and sol-gel method, E. Puscasu, L. Sacarescu, N. Lupu, M. Grigoras, G. Oanca, M. Balasoiu, D. Creanga, Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, 79, 3, 457-465, (2016),

26. Effect of silver nanoparticles on the dispersion, rheological properties and morphological aspect of solvent cast polyurethane/biopolymers bionanocomposite membranes, R.P. Dumitriu, L. Sacarescu, D. Macocinschi, D. Filip, C. Vasile, Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology, 30, 16, 1716-1726, (2016),

27. Structural, optical and magnetic properties of Ni doped SnO2 nanoparticles, P. Pascariu, A. Airinei, M. Grigoras, N. Fifere, L. Sacarescu, N. Lupu, L. Stoleriu, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 668, 65-72, (2016),

28. Low temperature superparamagnetic nanocomposites obtained by Fe(acac)(3)-SiO2-PVA hybrid xerogel thermolysis, C. Ianasi, O. Costisor, A.M. Putz, R. Lazau, A. Negrea, D. Niznansky, L. Sacarescu, C. Savii, Processing and Applications of ceramics, 10(4), 265-275, (2016),

29. Top-down synthesis of mesocrystalline -Fe2O3 submillimeter-sized rhombohedrons, M.L. Kiss, M. Chirita, A. Ieta, L. Sacarescu, C. Savii, Particulate Science and Technology, 34, 5, 571-579, (2016),

30. Hydrophilic versus hydrophobic oleate coated magnetic particles, E. Puscasu, L. Sacarescu, A, Domocos, C. Leostean, R. Turcu, D. Creanga, M. Balasoiu, Romanian Journal of Physics, 61, 5-6, 946-956, (2016), 

31. Viscoelastic and structural properties of poly(vinyl alcohol)/poly(vinylpyrrolidone) hydrogels, M. Teodorescu, S. Morariu, M. Bercea, L. Sacarescu, RSC Advances, 6, 46, 39718-39727, (2016),

32. A heterojunction photovoltaic cell based on a mixture of silane copolymer with C-70 fullerene derivative, S.V. Kostromin, V.V. Malov, A.R. Tameev, S.V. Bronnikov, L. Sacarescu, Technical Physics Letters, 42, 1, 23-26, (2016),

33. Star-epoxy mesogen with 1,3,5-triazine core: a model of A(4)B(3) fractal polymerization in a liquid crystalline thermoset media, J.M. Pin, N. Sbirrazzuoli, L. Sacarescu, A. Mija, Polymer Chemistry, 7, 6, 1221-1225, (2016),

34. Dual-emissive polydiphenylsilane nanocomposite: effect of N,N -bis(4-hydroxysalicylidene)-1,2-phenylenediamine-Zn complex, L. Sacarescu, C. Cojocaru, R. Ardeleanu, M. Fortuna, G. Sacarescu, M. Simionescu, Polymers for Advanced Technologies, 27, 1, 115-124, (2016),

35. Microstructure, electrical and humidity sensor properties of electrospun NiO-SnO2 nanofibers, P. Pascariu, A. Airinei, N. Olaru, I. Petrila, V. Nica, L. Sacarescu, F. Tudorache, Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical, 222, 1024-1031, (2016), 

36. Verdazyl Radical, a Building Block for a Six-Spin-Center 2p-3d-4f Single-Molecule Magnet, G. Novitchi, S. Shova, Y.H. Lan, W. Wernsdorfer, C. Train, Inorganic Chemistry, 55, 23, 12122-12125, (2016),

37. Oxidative DNA Cleavage Promoted by a Phenoxyl-Radical Copper(II) Complex, O. Cuzan, A. Kochem, A.J. Simaan, S. Bertaina, B. Faure, V. Robert, S. Shova, M. Giorgi, M. Maffei, M. Reglier, M. Orio, European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 36, 5575-5584, (2016),

38. Structural characterization and thermal behaviour of some azomethine compounds derived from pyridoxal and 4-aminoantipyrine, R.S. Mezey, T. Zaharescu, M.E. Lungulescu, V. Marinescu, S. Shova, T. Rosu, Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 126, 3, 1763-1776, (2016),  DOI:10.1007/s10973-016-5680-7 

39. Spectral Characteristics and Electronic Conductivity of Composites Obtained by Reaction of Iodine Vapor with Isostructural Zinc- and Nickel-Containing Metal-Organic Frameworks, R.I. Gurtovyi, L.V. Tsymbal, S. Shova, Y.D. Lampeka, Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry, 52, 5, 310-317, (2016),

40. Synthesis from Norambreinolide, Structure, and Antimicrobial Activity of Dihomodrimane Sesquiterpenoids with Azine, Hydrazide, and Dihydrazide Fragments, A.N. Aricu, K.I. Kuchkova, A.N. Barba, I.P. Dragalin, S. Shova, N. Vornicu, E.K. Gorinchoi, E.S. Sekara, L.V. Lungu, M. Niculaua, Chemistry of Natural Compounds, 52, 6, 1029-1036, (2016),

41. Vanadium(V) Complexes with Substituted 1,5-bis(2-hydroxybenzaldehyde)carbohydrazones and Their Use As Catalyst Precursors in Oxidation of Cyclohexane, D. Dragancea, N. Talmaci, S. Shova, G. Novitchi, D. Darvasiova, P. Rapta, M. Breza, M. Galanski, J. Kozisek, N.M.R. Martins, LMDRS Martins, A.J.L. Pombeiro, V.B. Arion, Inorganic Chemistry, 55, 18, 9187-9203, (2016),

42. Electric conduction mechanism of some heterocyclic compounds, 4,4 -bipyridine and indolizine derivatives in thin films, R. Danac, L. Leontie, A. Carlescu, S. Shova, V. Tiron, G.G. Rusu, F. Iacomi, S. Gurlui, O. Susu, G.I. Rusu, Thin Solid Films, 612, 358-368, (2016),

43. Structure-Directed Functional Properties of Phenothiazine Brominated Dyes: Morphology and Photophysical and Electrochemical Properties, A. Bejan, S. Shova, M.D. Damaceanu, B.C. Simionescu, L. Marin, Crystal Growth&Design, 16, 7, 3716-3730, (2016),

44. Fine tuning the outcome of 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions of benzimidazolium ylides to activated alkynes, E. Georgescu, A. Nicolescu, F. Georgescu, F. Teodorescu, S. Shova, A.T. Marinoiu, F. Dumitrascu, C. Deleanu, Tetrahedron, 72, 19, 2507-2520, (2016),

45. Synthesis, structure, antimycobacterial and anticancer evaluation of new pyrrolo-phenanthroline derivatives, C.M. Al Matarneh, I.I.  Mangalagiu, S. Shova, R. Danac, Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry, 31, 3, 470-480, (2016), 

46. Benzoate liquid crystals with direct isotropic-smectic transition and antipathogenic activity, D. Ailincai, L. Marin, S. Shova, C. Tuchilus, Comptes Rendus Chimie, 19, 5, 556-565, (2016),

47. Two Zn(II) distorsion isomers in a single crystal. Synthesis, supramolecular interactions and thermal analysis, C. Paraschiv, A. Cucos, S. Shova, M. Andruh, Revue Roumaine de Chimie, 61, 4-5, 311-317, (2016), 

48. Contributions to synthesis of pyrrolo[1,2-a] benzimidazole derivatives via 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions, E. Georgescu, A. Nicolescu, F. Georgescu, S. Shova, B.C. Simionescu, C. Deleanu, Revue Roumaine de Chimie, 61, 4-5, 283-290, (2016), 

49. Effect of the Structure of Aromatic Nitro Compounds on the Efficiency of Luminescence Quenching of the Metal-Organic Framework of Zinc(II) 4,4E(1)-Diphenyldicarboxylate, R.I. Gurtovyi, L.V. Tsymbal, S. Shova, Y.D. Lampeka, Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry, 52, 1, 44-50, (2016),

50. Synthesis and biological evaluation of a new class of triazin-triazoles as potential inhibitors of human farnesyltransferase, L. Lucescu, E. Bicu, D. Belei, S. Shova, B. Rigo, P. Gautret, J. Dubois, A. Ghinet, Research on Chemical Intermediates, 42, 3, 1999-2021, (2016),

51. A new chiral dimanganese(III) complex: synthesis, crystal structure, spectroscopic, magnetic, and catalytic properties, A.S. Dinca, N. Candu, S. Shova, F. Lloret, M. Julve, V. Parvulescu, M. Andruh, RSC Advances, 6, 89, 86569-86574, (2016),

52. Antiferromagnetic single-chain magnet slow relaxation in the {Tb(alpha-fur)(3)}(n) polymer with non-Kramers ions, E. Bartolome, J. Bartolome, A. Arauzo, J. Luzon, L. Badia, R. Cases, F. Luis, S. Melnic, D. Prodius, S. Shova, C. Turta, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 4, 22, 5038-5050, (2016),

53. Multifunctional nanogels with dual temperature and pH responsiveness, L.E. Nita, A.P. Chiriac, A. Diaconu, N. Tudorachi, L. Mititelu-Tartau, International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 515, 1-2, 165-175, (2016), DOI: 10.1016/j.ijpharm.2016.10.017 

54. Investigation on thermal, rheological, dielectric and spectroscopic properties of a polymer containing pendant spiroacetal moieties, A.P. Chiriac, V. Balan, M. Asandulesa, E. Butnaru, N. Tudorachi, E. Stoleru, L.E. Nita, I. Neamtu, A. Diaconu, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 180, 291-300, (2016),

55. Investigation on the properties of poly (2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate-co-3,9-divinyl-2,4,8,10-tetraoxaspiro (5.5) undecane) as a functional polymeric system, V. Balan, M. Asandulesa, E. Butnaru, A.P. Chiriac, N. Tudorachi, L.E. Nita, I. Neamtu, A. Diaconu, Revue Roumaine de Chimie, 61, 8-9, 689-698, (2016), 

56. Biodegradation of poly(lactic acid) and some of its based systems with Trichoderma viride, R. Lipsa, N. Tudorachi, R.N. Darie-Nita, L. Oprica, C. Vasile, A. Chiriac, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 88, 515-526, (2016), DOI: 10.1016/j.ijbiomac.2016.04.017 

57. Upon thermal characterization of a magnetic composite in relation with the poly(succinimide)-b-poly(ethylene glycol) shell properties, Revue Roumaine de Chimie, 61, 6-7, 565-573, (2016), 

58. Using an alternating magnetic field for covering a metallic stent with a new magnetic composite, A.P. Chiriac, L.E. Nita, L. Tartau, I. Neamtu, N. Tudorachi, A. Diaconu, Revue Roumaine de Chimie, 61, 4-5, 345-353, (2016), 

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