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Laboratory 6. Inorganic Polymers
Head of laboratory: Dr. Maria CAZACU
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1. Computational Study of the Electronic Absorption Spectra of Polyhydrosilanes, L. Sacarescu, M. Fortuna, M. Soroceanu, C. Cojocaru, G. Sacarescu, M. Simionescu, V. Harabagiu, Silicon, 7 (4), 343-349, (2015), 

2. Effect of Concentration on the Properties of Heat- and PH-Sensitive Copolymers of Poly(N-Isopropylacrylamide) with Maleic Acid in Aqueous Solutions, M.A. Simonova, E.B. Tarabukina, A.P. Filippov, G. Fundueanu, V. Harabagiu, M. Constantin, I. Popescu, Fibre Chemistry, 47 (3), 152-155, (2015), 

3. In vitro Biocompatibility of HPC - modified Polyurethane Membranes, M. Butnaru, C.D. Dimitriu, O. Bredetean, D. Macocinschi, V. Harabagiu, Materiale Plastice, 52 (3), 290-294, (2015), 

4. Organic-inorganic hybrid nanomaterials based on inorganic oxides and a mesomorphic polyazomethine, E. Perju, L. Ghimpu, G. Hitruc, V. Harabagiu, M. Bruma, L. Marin, High Performance Polymers, 27 (5), 546-554, (2015), 

5. The influence of polysilane chemical structure on optical properties, rubbed film morphology and LC alignment, M. Soroceanu, A.I. Barzic, I. Stoica, L. Sacarescu, V. Harabagiu, Express Polymer Letters, 9(5), 456-468, (2015), 

6. Magnetic properties of nanosized Gd doped Ni-Mn-Cr ferrites prepared using the sol-gel autocombustion technique, P. Samoila, L. Sacarescu, A.I. Borhan, D. Timpu, M. Grigoras, N. Lupu, M.F. Zaltariov, V. Harabagiu, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 378, 92-97, (2015),

7. PNiPAM-Functionalized mesoporous carbon for the adsorption of vitamin B2, M. Ignat, M. F. Fortuna, L. Sacarescu, M.F. Zaltariov, V. Harabagiu, Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, 14(3), 607-613, (2015), 

8. Green synthesis of the silver nanoparticles mediated by pullulan and 6-carboxypullulan, S. Coseri, A. Spatareanu, L. Sacarescu, C. Rimbu, D. Suteu, S. Spirk, V. Harabagiu, Carbohydrate Polymers, 116, 9-17, (2015), 

9. Glycerol-derived mesoporous carbon: N-2-sorption and SAXS data evaluation, M. Ignat, L. Sacarescu, P. Cool, V. Harabagiu, Materials Today-Proceedings, 2(6), 3836-3845, (2015),

10. Nanotechnology Approaches for Pain Therapy Through Transdermal Drug Delivery, C. Peptu, R. Rotaru, L. Ignat, A.C. Humelnicu, V. Harabagiu, C.A. Peptu, M.M. Leon, F. Mitu, E. Cojocaru, A. Boca, B.I. Tamba, Current Pharmaceutical Design, 21(42), 6125-6139, (2015), DOI: 10.2174/1381612821666151027152752

11. Synthesis and Investigation of Double Stimuli-Responsive Behavior of N-Isopropylacrylamide and Maleic Acid Copolymer in Solutions, A. Filippov, E. Tarabukina, M. Simonova, T. Kirila, G. Fundueanu, V. Harabagiu, M. Constantin, I. Popescu, Journal of Macromolecular Science Part B-Physics, 54(9), 1105-1121, (2015), 

12. Nanosized Spinel Ferrites Synthesized by Sol-Gel Autocombustion for Optimized Removal of Azo Dye from Aqueous Solution, P. Samoila, C. Cojocaru, I. Cretescu, C.D. Stan, V. Nica, L. Sacarescu, V. Harabagiu, Journal of Nanomaterials, 2015, 713802, (2015), 

13. Full functionalized silica nanostructure with well-defined size and functionality: Octakis(3-mercaptopropyl)octasilsesquioxane, A.M.C. Dumitriu, M. Cazacu, A. Bargan, M. Balan, N. Vornicu, C.D. Varganici, S. Shova, Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 799-800, 195-200, (2015),

14. Design and synthesis of the first ferrocenylsiloxane urea: Structure and properties, M. Dascalu, M. Balan, S. Shova, C. Racles, M. Cazacu, Polyhedron, 102, 583-592, (2015), 

15. Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activity of new Cu(II) and Zn(II) complexes with Schiff bases derived from trimethylsilyl-propyl-p-aminobenzoate, M.F. Zaltariov, M. Cazacu, M. Avadanei, S. Shova, M. Balan, N. Vornicu, A. Vlad, A. Dobrov, C.D. Varganici, Polyhedron, 100, 121-131, (2015), 

16. Dielectric silicone elastomers with mixed ceramic nanoparticles, G. Stiubianu, A. Bele, M. Cazacu, C. Racles, S. Vlad, M. Ignat, Materials Research Bulletin, 71, 67-74, (2015), 

17. Full silicone interpenetrating bi-networks with different organic groups attached to the silicon atoms, C. Tugui, M. Cazacu, L. Sacarescu, A. Bele, G. Stiubianu, C. Ursu, C. Racles, Polymer, 77, 312-322, (2015), 

18. Structural characterization of copolymer embedded magnetic nanoparticles, G.G. Nedelcu, A. Nastro, L. Filippelli, M. Cazacu, M. Iacob, C.O. Rossi, A. Popa, D. Toloman, M. Dobromir, F. Iacomi, Applied Surface Science, 352, 109-116, (2015), 

19. Neural network modeling of the preparation process of a siloxane-organic polyazomethine, I.F. Macsim, E.N. Dragoi, M. Cazacu, S. Curteanu, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 132, 38, 42552, (2015), 

20. Silicone dielectric elastomers based on radical crosslinked high molecular weight polydimethylsiloxane co-filled with silica and barium titanate, A. Bele, G. Stiubianu, C.D. Varganici, M. Ignat, M. Cazacu, Journal of Materials Science, 50, 20, 6822-6832, (2015), 

21. Tuning the Electromechanical Properties of Silicones by Crosslinking Agent, A. Bele, M. Cazacu, C. Racles, G. Stiubianu, D. Ovezea, M. Ignat, M., Advanced Engineering Materials, 2015, 17, 9, 1302-1312, 

22. Photophysical properties of some poly(siloxane-azomethine)s, I.R. Tigoianu, A. Airinei, V. Ribitsch, C. Gruber, N. Fifere, A. Vlad, M. Cazacu, High Performance Polymers, (2015), 27(5), 539-545, 

23. Coordination polymer of copper with a silicon-containing Schiff base: Synthesis, structural characterization, and properties, M.F. Zaltariov, M. Cazacu, A. Vlad, L. Sacarescu, S. Shova, High Performance Polymers, (2015), 27, 5, 607-615,   

24. Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of antioxidant activity of a new ferrocenyl-imine containing siloxane sequence, M.F. Zaltariov, V. Rudic, L. Rudi, T. Chiriac, S. Shova, A. Vlad, M. Cazacu, Revue Roumaine de Chimie, (2015), 60, 7-8, 797-802, 

25. Charge and Spin States in Schiff Base Metal Complexes with a Disiloxane Unit Exhibiting a Strong Noninnocent Ligand Character: Synthesis, Structure, Spectroelectrochemistry, and Theoretical Calculations, M. Cazacu, S. Shova, A. Soroceanu, P. Machata, L. Bucinsky, M. Breza, P. Rapta, J. Telser, J. Krzystek, V.B. Arion, Inorganic Chemistry, (2015), 54, 12, 5691-5706, 

26. Amorphous iron-chromium oxide nanoparticles with long-term stability, M. Iacob, M. Cazacu, C. Turta, F. Doroftei, M. Botko, E. Cizmar, A. Zelenakova, A. Feher, Materials Research Bulletin, (2015), 65, 163-168, 

27. Metallopolymers based on a polyazomethine ligand containing rigid oxadiazole and flexible tetramethyldisiloxane units, M.F. Zaltariov, M. Cazacu, C. Racles, V. Musteata, A. Vlad, A. Airinei, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, (2015), 132, 11, 41631, 

28. A supramolecular structure based on copper complex of 2,3-pyridinedicarboxylic acid and 1,3-bis(3-aminopropyl)tetramethyldisiloxane chlorohydrate, A. Soroceanu, A. Bargan, S. Shova, M. Avadanei, M. Cazacu, Journal of Molecular Structure, (2015), 1083, 88-94, 

29. Silicon-containing bis-azomethines: Synthesis, structural characterization, evaluation of the photophysical properties and biological activity, M.F. Zaltariov, A. Vlad, M. Cazacu, M. Avadanei, N. Vornicu, M. Balan, S. Shova, Spectrochimica Acta Part A-Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, (2015), 138, 38-48, DOI: 10.1016/j.saa.2014.11.007  

30. Solvent effects on the photophysical properties of poly[1, 4-dihydroxyanthraquinoneimine-1,3-bis(phenylene-ester-methylene)tetramethyldisiloxane], P. Dorneanu, M. Homocianu, I.R. Tigoianu, A. Airinei, M. Zaltariov, M (Zaltariov, M. Cazacu, Spectrochimica Acta Part A-Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, (2015), 134, 218-224, 

31. Bimodal silicone interpenetrating networks sequentially built as electroactive dielectric elastomers, C. Tugui, G. Stiubianu, M. Iacob, C. Ursu, A. Bele, S. Vlad, M. Cazacu, Journal of Materials Chemistry C., (2015), 3, 34, 8963-8969, 

32. Superparamagnetic amorphous iron oxide nanowires self-assembled into ordered layered structures, M. Iacob, D. Sirbu, C. Tugui, G. Stiubianu, L. Sacarescu, V. Cozan, A. Zelenakova, E. Cizmar, A. Feher, M. Cazacu, RSC Advances, (2015), 5, 77, 62563-62570, 

33. Polar-nonpolar interconnected elastic networks with increased permittivity and high breakdown fields for dielectric elastomer transducers, C. Racles, A. Bele, M. Dascalu, V.E. Musteata, C.D. Varganici, D. Ionita, S. Vlad, M. Cazacu, S.J. Dunki, D.M. Opris, RSC Advances, (2015), 5, 72, 58428-58438, 

34. Goethite nanorods as a cheap and effective filler for siloxane nanocomposite elastomers, M. Iacob, G. Stiubianu, C. Tugui, L. Ursu, M. Ignat, C. Turta, M. Cazacu, RSC Advances, (2015), 5, 56, 45439-45445, 

35. Supramolecular Aggregation in Organic Solvents of Discrete Copper Complexes Formed with Organosiloxane Ligands, A. Soroceanu, M. Cazacu, C. Racles, I. Stoica, L. Sacarescu, C.D. Varganici, Soft Materials, (2015), 13, 2, 93-105, 

36. Synthesis and characterization of metal-containing poly(siloxane-urethane) crosslinked structures derived from siloxane diols and ferrocene diisocyanate, M. Dascalu, V.E. Musteata, L. Vacareanu, C. Racles, M. Cazacu, RSC Advances, (2015), 5, 120, 99193-99200, 

37. Polydimethylsiloxane-barium titanate composites: Preparation and evaluation of the morphology, moisture, thermal, mechanical and dielectric behavior, A. Bele, M. Cazacu, G. Stiubianu, S. Vlad, M. Ignat, Composites Part B-Engineering, (2015), 68, 237-245, 

38. Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activity of copper(II) complexes with hydrazone derived from 3-hydroxy-5-(hydroxymethyl)-2-methylpyridine-4-carbaldehyde, R.S. Mezey, I. Mathe, S. Shova, M.N. Grecu, T. Rosu, Polyhedron, (2015), 102, 684-692, 

39. New carbocyclic N-6-substituted adenine and pyrimidine nucleoside analogues with a bicyclo[2.2.1] heptane fragment as sugar moiety; synthesis, antiviral, anticancer activity and X-ray crystallography, C. Tanase, C. Draghici, A. Cojocaru, A.V. Galochkina, J.R. Orshanskaya, V.V. Zarubaev, S. Shova, C. Enache, M. Maganu, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, (2015), 23, 19, 6346-6354, 

40. Regioselective reactions on a 1,3-disubstituted dihydroxymethyl or dicarboxyl hexahydropentalene skeleton, C.I. Tanase, C. Draghici, S. Shova, A. Cojocaru, M. Maganu, C.V.A. Munteanu, F. Cocu, Tetrahedron, (2015), 71, 38, 6852-6859, 

41. Synthesis, characterization, crystal structure and antioxidant activity of Ni(II) and Cu(II) complexes with 2-formilpyridine N(4)-phenylthiosemicarbazone, D.C. Ilies, S. Shova, V. Radulescu, E. Pahontu, T. Rosu, Polyhedron, (2015), 97, 157-166, 

42. Interplay of hydrogen bond and stacking interactions in the crystal structure of a new mononuclear zinc complex, A. Cucos, C. Paraschiv, S. Shova, A. Madalan, G. Sbarcea, V. Marinescu, M. Andruh, Revue Roumaine de Chimie, (2015), 60, 10, 1005-1013, 

43. Mononuclear Cu(II) complexes of novel salicylidene Schiff bases: synthesis and mesogenic properties, C. Cretu, L. Cseh, B.J. Tang, V. Sasca, V. Badea, E.I. Szerb, G. Mehl, S. Shova, O. Costisor, Liquid Crystals, (2015), 42, 8, 1139-1147, 

44. MCPB treatment of (+/-)-(1 alpha,3 alpha,3a beta,6a beta)-1,2,3,3a,4,6a-hexahydro-1,3-pentalenedimethanol and its O-acyl-protected derivatives; X-ray crystallography, C.I. Tanase, C. Draghici, M.T. Caproiu, S. Shova, A. Cojocaru, C.V.A. Munteanu, Tetrahedron, (2015), 71, 24, 4154-4162, 

45. Novel One-Pot Multicomponent Strategy for the Synthesis of Pyrrolo[1,2-a] benzimidazole and Pyrrolo[1,2-a] quinoxaline Derivatives, E. Georgescu, A. Nicolescu, F. Georgescu, S. Shova, A.M. Macsim, C. Deleanu, Synthesis-Stuttgart, (2015), 47, 11, 1643-1655, DOI: 10.1055/s-0034-1380185 

46. New indolizines with phenanthroline skeleton: Synthesis, structure, antimycobacterial and anticancer evaluation, R. Danac, C.M. Matarneh, S. Shova, T. Daniloaia, M. Balan, I.I. Mangalagiu, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, (2015), 23, 10, 2318-2327,  DOI: 10.1016/j.bmc.2015.03.077  

47. Synthesis, Characterization, Crystal Structure and Antimicrobial Activity of Copper(II) Complexes with the Schiff Base Derived from 2-Hydroxy-4-Methoxybenzaldehyde, E. Pahontu, D.C. Ilies, S. Shova, C. Paraschivescu, M. Badea, A. Gulea, T. Rosu, Molecules, (2015), 20, 4, 5771-5792, DOI: 10.3390/molecules20045771  

48. New Zn(II) Coordination Polymers Constructed from Amino-Alcohols and Aromatic Dicarboxylic Acids: Synthesis, Structure, Photocatalytic Properties, and Solid-State Conversion to ZnO, C. Paraschiv, A. Cucos, S. Shova, A.M. Madalan, C. Maxim, D. Visinescu, B. Cojocaru, V.I. Parvulescu, M. Andruh, Crystal Growth & Design, (2015), 15, 2, 799-811, 

49. Two-Dimensional Coordination Polymers Constructed Using, Simultaneously, Linear and Angular Spacers and Cobalt(II) Nodes. New Examples of Networks of Single-Ion Magnets, A.E. Ion, S. Nica, A.M. Madalan, S. Shova, J. Vallejo, M. Julve, F. Lloret, F M. Andruh, Inorganic Chemistry, (2015), 54, 1, 16-18, 

50. Magnetic relaxation versus 3D long-range ordering in {Dy2Ba(alpha-fur)(8)}(n) furoate polymers (vol 43, pg 10999, 2014), E. Bartolome, J. Bartolome, S. Melnic, D. Prodius, S. Shova, A. Arauzo, J. Luzon, L. Badia-Romano, F. Luis, C. Turta, Dalton Transactions, (2015), 44, 31, 14178,  DOI: 10.1039/c5dt90133b  

51. Molecular amorphous glasses toward large azomethine crystals with aggregation-induced emission, L. Marin, A. van der Lee, S. Shova, A. Arvinte, M. Barboiu, New Journal of Chemistry, (2015), 39, 8, 6404-6420, 

52. Visible-light triggered photoswitching systems based on fluorescent azulenyl-substituted dithienylcyclopentenes, E.A. Dragu, A.E. Ion, S. Shova, D. Bala, C. Mihailciuc, M. Voicescu, S.  Ionescu, S. Nica, RSC Advances, (2015), 5, 78, 63282-63286, 

53. Bis(4-pyridyl)mercury - a new linear tecton in crystal engineering: coordination polymers and co-crystallization processes, T. Mocanu, C.I. Rat, C. Maxim, S. Shova, V. Tudor, C. Silvestru, M. Andruh, CRYSTENGCOMM, (2015), 17, 29, 5474-5487, 

54. Ascorbic acid decomposition into oxalate ions: a simple synthetic route towards oxalato-bridged heterometallic 3d-4f clusters, A.S. Dinca, S. Shova, A.E. Ion, C. Maxim, F. Lloret, M. Julve, M. Andruh, Dalton Transactions, (2015), 44, 16, 7148-7151,  DOI: 10.1039/c5dt00778j 

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