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Laboratory 6. Inorganic Polymers
Head of laboratory: Dr. Maria CAZACU
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Group 6.2: Inorganic-polymer composites and nanostructured materials with applications in photodetection, catalysis and environmental protection

Project manager: Dr. Liviu SACARESCU,

Dr. Liviu Sacarescu / senior researcher I /

   Polysilane synthesis, organic synthesis with microwave and ultrasound irradiation, synthesis of polysilane-metal nanocomposites, molecular modeling, electronic transfer and optical processes in polysilanes and nanocomposites, methods for materials characterization.

Dr. Valeria Harabagiu / senior researcher I /

Chemistry and physico-chemistry of polymers and polymeric materials; Supramolecular Chemistry; (nano)composites 

Dr. Corneliu Cojocaru / senior researcher II /

   Computer modeling and optimization of physico-chemical processes, computational chemistry for molecular modelling, adsorbents and adsorption processes, polymeric membranes for separation, ultrafiltration assisted by polymers, composites and polymers.

Dr. Gheorghe Roman / senior researcher II /

   Organic synthesis, heterocycle chemistry, development of new synthesis methods, structural characterization of organic compounds, synthesis and characterization of coordination polymers, medicinal chemistry, structure-activity relationship in chemical libraries.

Dr. Rodinel Ardeleanu / senior researcher II /

   Elemental silicon chemistry, chemical modification of polysilanes, synthesis of ligands and metal complexes, supramolecular chemistry, macrocyclic nanostructures with photocontrolled conformations, phytosynthesis of metallic nanoparticles.

Dr. Mihaela Simionescu / senior researcher III /

   Synthesis of silicon-organic polymers, organic synthesis using microwave radiation and ultrasound, polysiloxane copolymers with molecular dipole segments, syntheses of siloxane polyimides with piezoelectric properties, materials characterization methods.

Dr. Gabriela Sacarescu / senior researcher III /

   Synthesis of homogeneous and heterogeneous polysilanes, synthesis of macromolecular precursors for low temperature Si-C ceramic materials, silicon quantum dots (SiQD) and polymeric transporters, materials characterization methods.

Dr. Petrisor Samoila / senior researcher III /

   Synthesis of magnetic oxides by wet chemical methods, synthesis of metallic catalysts by surface redox reactions, obtaining magnetic composites, materials characterization methods: XRD, FTIR, TEM, SEM, TPR, TPO, VSM, thermogravimetry.

Dr. Maria Ignat / senior researcher III /

   Synthesis of inorganic materials and preparation of porous composites; photocatalysis; applications in environmental pollution processes

Dr. Cristian Peptu / researcher /

   Bioengineering; chemical modification of polymers; biomaterials

Dr. Maria Emiliana Fortuna / researcher /

   Organic chemistry; chemical modification of polymers

Dr. Xenia Patras / researcher /

   Pharmacology; medical drugs with controlled release

Dr. Marius Soroceanu / research assistant /

   Semiconductor polymers; electro-optical properties

Dr. Razvan Rotaru / research assistant /

   Composites; ultrasonication procedure; electrical and magnetic properties measurements

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PhD Student Elvira Mahu /
PhD Student Andra Humelnicu /
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