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Laboratory 6. Inorganic Polymers
Head of laboratory: Dr. Maria CAZACU
Topics Team Main Results Research Groups
Group 6.2: Inorganic-polymer composites and nanostructured materials with applications in photodetection, catalysis and environmental protection

Project manager: Dr. Liviu SACARESCU,

·     Hyperconjugated systems in polysilane matrix: inclusion of electronoactive compounds in polysilane matrix and study of the photo-electronic interactions;

·     Hybrid polysilane/polymer composites: synthesis and study of materials obtained by including polysilanes in natural or synthetic polymers support

·     Silicon-organic polymers with hyperconjugated polysilane segments 

·     Polysilane-based materials with applications in optics and molecular electronics  

·     Polysilane nanocomposite with applications in sensoristics and medical imaging

·     Fluorescent polymeric composites and/or semiconductors in matrices of natural  polymers

·     Interactions between sigma-conjugated polymers and metal complexes

·     Hyperconjugated supramolecular structures

·     Polymeric transporters for silicon quantum dots (SiQD)

·     Combined nanostructural analysis TEM/SAXS/GPC

·     Materials for environment and energy  

·     Computational chemistry and processes optimization


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