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Innovative strategies of enhancing energy storage of dielectrics via reinforcement of green polymers with natural fillers for eco-compatible devices
Project status: Ongoing
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Main results

The project aims to obtain novel polymer composites with one or several fillers with the purpose of enhancing their permittivity and dielectric breakdown, and through them the storage characteristics.



Scientific papers

1. Prediction of the dielectric properties of some eco-composite materials for energy-related applications, Andreea Irina Barzic, Iuliana Stoica, Raluca Marinica Albu, Bogdan Oprişan, Materiale Plastice, under review (2022)


Participations to scientific manifestations

1. Theroretical study of the dielectric properties of a biopolymer enriched with several biofilers, Andreea Irina Barzic, Iuliana Stoica, Raluca Marinica Albu, International Capital Conferences on Multidisciplinary Scientific Research, Lisbon, Portugal, 13-14 July 13-14, 2022 (oral presentation)

2. Rheological and dielectric properties of eco-composites of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose loaded with a bio-derived filler, Raluca Marinica Albu, Andreea Irina Barzic, Iuliana Stoica, International Conference on Chemical Engineering, Iasi, Romania, 5 – 7 October, 2022 (poster presentation)

3. Evaluation of mechanical and dielectric properties of some biodegradable cellulose-based composites, A.I. Barzic, E. Turcu, M. Asandulesa, C. Tugui, R.M. Albu, International Colloquium "Physics of Materials" – PM 7, 10-11 November, Bucharest, Romania


Book chapter

1. An Introduction to Engineering Applications of Bioplastics, Andreea Irina Barzic, in Handbook of Bioplastics and Biocomposites Engineering Applications: 2nd Edition, Inamuddin and Tariq Altalhi (eds.), pp. 3-22, Wiley Scrivener Publishing LLC, USA, 2022.

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