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Semiconducting Nanocomposites Based on Conjugated Polymers and Multifunctional Janus Nanoparticles as Novel Type of Filler
Project status: Ended
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The main goal of this research project is to develop a new type of semiconducting nanocomposite containing semiconducting Janus nanoparticles and a π-conjugated polymer matrix, and to evaluate the performances of such material with respect to molecular dynamics and electrical conductivity investigations. The specific objectives are:

O1: Employing semiconductor-insulator (nano)couples JNPs by controlling the chemical structure, functionality and electrical properties;
O2: Using π-conjugated polymers with high thermal stability and conductivity as matrices for semiconducting JNPs incorporation;
O3: Providing environmentally friendly solvent-free methods for nanoparticles dispersion into polymer matrix;
O4: Following the influence of the filler loading on molecular mobility and conductivity of nanocomposites by evaluating their dielectric properties;
O5: Testing the performance of the polymer composites in a printed electronic element on a solid support;
O6: Dissemination of project results.

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