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Semiconducting Nanocomposites Based on Conjugated Polymers and Multifunctional Janus Nanoparticles as Novel Type of Filler
Project status: Ended
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  1. Ana-Maria Solonaru, Mihai Asandulesa, Andrei Honciuc, Homologous Series of Polyaniline Derivatives Block Copolymers with Amphiphilic and Semiconducting Properties, Polymers, 14, 2149 (2022),;
  2. Mihai Asandulesa, Corneliu Hamciuc, Aurel Pui, Constantin Virlan, Gabriela Lisa, Andreea Irina Barzic, Bogdan Oprisan, Cobalt Ferrite/Polyetherimide Composites as Thermally Stable Materials for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Uses, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 24, 999 (2023),;
  3. Mihai Asandulesa, Ana-Maria Solonaru, Ana-Maria Resmerita, Andrei Honciuc, Thermal and Dielectric Investigations of Polystyrene Nanoparticles as a Viable Platform–Toward the Next Generation of Fillers for Nanocomposites, Polymers 15, 2899 (2023),;
  4. Mihai Asandulesa, Ana-Maria Solonaru, Andrei Honciuc, Effect of Asymmetric Lobe Size on the Molecular Dynamics, Glass Transition, and Dielectric Behavior in Janus Nanoparticles, ACS Applied Nano Materials 7, 3352-3360 (2024),;
  5. Mihai Asandulesa, Ana-Maria Solonaru, Mirela Honciuc, Florin Tudorache, Andrei Honciuc, Flexible Composites from Water-Dispersible Components: PVA, Janus Nanoparticles and in situ Generated Polyaniline - Towards Mixed Ionic-Electronic Conductors, submitted to ACS Nano, Manuscript ID: nn-2024-055428, 26-Apr-2024;


Participation at International Conferences

  1. Mihai Asandulesa, Ana-Maria Solonaru, Andrei Honciuc, Development of a new type of amphiphilic semiconducting polymer containing aniline and aniline-propanesulfonic acid, 6th International Conference on Chemical Engineering, Innovative Materials and Processes for a Sustainable Development, ICCE 2022, 5 - 7 October 2022, Iasi, Romania (poster presentation);
  2. Ana-Maria Solonaru, Polyanilines Coated Polystyrene Core-Shell Composites: Synthesis, Morphology and Conductivity Studies, The 11th edition of the International Conference "Advanced Topics in Optoelectronics, Microelectronics and Nanotechnologies" ATOM-N 2022, August 22-25, Constanta-Romania (oral).
  3. Mihai Asandulesa, Maria Medrihan, Ana-Maria Solonaru, Oana-Iuliana Negru, Andrei Honciuc, Environmentally-friendly Janus based semiconducting nanocomposites for sustainable environmental protection, 32nd International Conference Ecology & Safety, 14-17 august 2023, Burgas, Bulgaria (oral);
  4. Mihai Asandulesa, Maria Medrihan, Ana-Maria Solonaru, Oana-Iuliana Negru, Andrei Honciuc, Synthesis of polystyrene-based nanoparticles as a platform for Janus nano-couples, 25th International Conference Materials, Methods & Technologies, 17-20 august 2023, Burgas, Bulgaria (poster).
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