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Developing new conjugated polymeric microporous architectures as solid state sensors for detection of harmful nitroaromatic derivatives
Project status: Ended
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Stage I (2022):

Published scientific papers:

  • Multi-Functional Materials Based on Cu-Doped TiO2 Ceramic Fibers with Enhanced Pseudocapacitive Performances and Their Dielectric Characteristics, Pascariu Petronela*, Homoceanu Mihaela, Văcăreanu Loredana, Asanduleasa Mihai, Polymers  (2022), 14(21), 4739; ; IF= 5.0

Participation at national and international conferences: 

  •  (Electro)synthesis of D-π-A polymers and their photophysical and electrochemical characterization, Loredana Văcăreanu*, Mircea Grigoras, RICCCE22–22nd Romanian International Conference on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering 2022, Sinaia (Romania), 7-9 September 2022 (oral presentation).

Stage II (2023):

Published scientific papers:

  • Electrogeneration of N-substituted polyaniline micro/nanoparticles with potential for energy storage, Loredana Văcăreanu*, Mariana-Dana Dămăceanu, Electrochimica Acta, (2023), 410,143351, ; FI= 6.6 (Q1)
  • Smart polymer coatings electrogenerated from star-shaped oligomers bearing variable π-spacers with integrated electrochromic characteristics and sensing capability towards harmful nitroaromatic derivatives, Loredana Văcăreanu*, Andra-Ionela Gavril, Mariana-Dana Dămăceanu, Progress in Organic Coatings, (2024) 189, 108328; ; FI=6.6 (Q1)
  • Constructing conjugated porous polymers containing triphenylamine moieties for detection of nitroaromatic derivatives, Andra-Elena Bejan*, Loredana Văcăreanu, Progress in Organic and Macromolecular Compounds-Proceedings, (2023) pp. 146 (ISSN 2810–2347 ISSN–L 2810–2126).

Participation at national and international conferences:

  • Versatile thin films derived from triphenylamine based- oligomers: electrosynthesis, characterization and applications, Andra-Ionela Gavril*, Loredana Văcăreanu, ICMPP- open door to the future scientific communications of young researchers, MacroYought2023, Iași, Romania, 17 November 2023 (oral presentation) - Prize I – the best oral presentation
  • Constructing conjugated porous polymers containing triphenylamine moieties for detection of nitroaromatic derivatives, Andra-Elena Bejan*, Loredana Văcăreanu, International Conference Progress in Organic and Macromolecular Compounds, 29th Edition, MacroIași2023, Iași (Romania), 4-6 Octomber 2023 (poster prezentation).
  • Electrogenerated microporous conjugated polymers based on star-shaped oligomers derived from triphenylamine: exploring structure-properties relationships, Loredana Văcăreanu*, Andra-Ionela Gavril, RSC Electrochem 2023, Bristol (Great Britain), 9-12 September 2023 (oral presentation). 

Stage III (2024):

Scientific papers:

  • Design, synthesis and characterization of triphenylamine-based conjugated porous polymers as fluorescent receptors for nitroaromatic derivatives, Loredana Văcăreanu*, Andra-Elena Bejan, Dana Bejan, Pascariu Pascariu, Mariana-Dana Dămăceanu, under review, Dyes and Pigments, (April 2024); FI=4.5

Participation at international conferences:

  • Conjugated polymers derived from triphenylamine-based star-shaped oligomers: synthesis, characterization, porosity, and nitroaromatic derivatives detection, Loredana Văcăreanu*, Andra-Ionela Gavril, Andra-Elena Bejan, 13th International Conference on Material Science and Engineering, BraMat 2024, Brașov (Romania), 13-16 March 2024 (oral presentation).
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