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Metal oxide nanoparticles as new and effective alternatives for duodenoscope reprocessing (NanoClean)
Project status: Ongoing
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The strategic objective of NanoClean project is to evaluate the efficacy of MeO-NPs in high-level disinfection of endoscopy unit in order to consider them as a possible new alternative for duodenoscope reprocessing. Also, NanoClean aims to evaluate whether duodenoscopes and their surface components are suited for repeated use of MeO-NPs in reprocessing cycles. 

NanoClean considers three major scientific objectives (O) for the present proposal:

O1. Synthesis and characterisation of different classes of MeO-NPs. Within this objective there will be used different methods in order to synthetize and characterize different classes of MeO-NPs: simple, mixed and loaded with active substances, with different sizes and shapes, in order to be subjected to the antimicrobial screening.

O2. In vitro evaluation of MeO-NPs antimicrobial and disinfectant properties. In the first stage of this objective all the MeO-NPs previously synthetized and characterized will be subjected to in vitro antimicrobial screening against MDRO and the most promising ones will pass to the second stage consisting in testing the duodenoscope reprocessing in biomimetic conditions. 

O3. Evaluation of the MeO-NPs compatibility with duodenoscope surfaces. 



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