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Romanian Academy

Laboratory 9. Physics of Polymers and Polymeric Materials
Head of laboratory: Acad. Bogdan C. SIMIONESCU
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        The department includes instruments and techniques whose manipulation and/or data interpretation require an in-depth understanding of a particular polymer characterization method. There are structural characterization methods (nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry - NMR, Fourier-transform infrared spectrometry - FTIR), methods for the investigation of morphology and surface properties (scanning probe microscopy - SPM, wide angle X-ray diffraction analysis - WAXD, scanning electron microscopy - SEM, Raman microscopy), methods for the investigation of molecular weights (mass spectrometry, gel permeation chromatography - GPC) and methods for the determination of viscoelastic properties (dynamic mechanical analysis - DMA). Also, an excimer laser laboratory functions in the department. The teams of the department provide consultancy in the institute for polymer characterization and have their own research topics.

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