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Laboratory 5. Natural Polymers, Bioactive and Biocompatible Materials
Head of laboratory: Dr. Gheorghe FUNDUEANU
Topics Team Main Results Research Groups
Group 5.3: Advanced polymeric materials with complex structures for biomedical and biotechnological applications

Dr. Aurica CHIRIAC

       Project manager

  The team is following the realization of hybrid polymeric systems with functional nano-structured interfaces by developing of innovative synthesis concepts with realization of (a) functional macromolecular structures (natural & synthetic) three-dimensional ((hydro)gels) and (b) (nano)hybrid materials through complex molecular design strategies. It is envisaged as the performed studies to deepening in understanding the correlation between molecular and supramolecular structure, topology and properties in interpenetrated polymeric systems, respectively crosslinked, especially on natural/synthetic polymer systems. It is expected the development of the polymeric materials that interact with the environment in a controlled and adaptive manner - sensitive systems - and that ensure the coupling, transport and/or controlled release of active substances. We also intended to use the artificial intelligence for the prediction of the loading capacity of the polymer systems and of the compatibility inside hybrid macromolecular systems.

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