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Laboratory 5. Natural Polymers, Bioactive and Biocompatible Materials
Head of laboratory: Dr. Gheorghe FUNDUEANU
Topics Team Main Results Research Groups
Group 5.2: Amphiphilic polymers and complex polymeric systems based on natural and synthetic compounds

Dr. Marieta NICHIFOR

       Project manager

  Amphiphilic polymers

● Self-assembly of dextran – b – deoxycholic acid polyester copolymers: Copolymer composition and self-assembly procedure tune the aggregate size and morphology; M. Nichifor, M. C. Stanciu, F. Doroftei; Carbohydrate Polymers 252, 117147 (2021)
● Dextran derivatives application as flocculants; L. Ghimici, M. Nichifor; Carbohydrate Polymers 190, 162–174 (2018)
● Antimicrobial properties of chemically modified dextran; C. G. Tuchilus, M. Nichifor, G. Mocanu, M. C. Stanciu; Carbohydrate Polymers, 161, 181-186 (2017)
● New shell crosslinked micelles from dextran with hydrophobic end groups and their interaction with bioactive molecules; G. Mocanu, M. Nichifor, M. C. Stanciu; Carbohydrate Polymers 119, 228-235 (2015)
● Micelle-like association of polysaccharides with hydrophobic end groups; M. Nichifor, G. Mocanu, M.C. Stanciu; Carbohydrate Polymers 110, 209-218 (2014)
Complex polymeric systems
● Impact of ethanol addition on the behaviour of xanthan gum in aqueous media; C.-E. Brunchi, S. Morariu, M. Bercea; Food Hydrocolloids, 120, 106928-1-9 (2021)
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●Versatile poly(vinyl alcohol)/clay physical hydrogels with tailorable structure as potential candidates for wound healing applications; S. Morariu, M. Bercea, L.M. Gradinaru, I. Rosca, M. Avadanei; Materials Science & Engineering C- Materials for Biological Applications, 109, 110395 (2020)
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● Influence of Laponite RD on the properties of poly(vinyl alcohol) hydrogels; S. Morariu, M. Bercea, C.-E. Brunchi; Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 135(35), 46661-1-11 (2018)
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●Associative interactions between pullulan and negatively charged bovine serum albumin in physiological saline solutions; M. Bercea, I.-A. Plugariu; Carbohydrate Polymers 246, 116630 (2020)
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