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Laboratory 2. Polyaddition and Photochemistry
Head of laboratory: Dr. Sergiu COȘERI
Topics Team Main Results Research Groups
Group 2.1: - Controlled polymeric structures with eco-technological applications

Dr. Sergiu COȘERI - Project manager

Dr. Sergiu COȘERI

senior researcher I /

Nanocellulose production, its characterization, modification and application as a biomaterial.

Mild and environmentally friendly catalytic systems for the selective oxidation of polysaccharides.

Oxidized polysaccharides as stabilizing agents for nanoparticles incorporation and their application in magnetic resonance imaging.

Superior cellulose-based architectures for proton conductive membranes in fuel cells.

Dr. Fulga TANASĂ

senior researcher III /

Organic chemistry; polymer chemistry; multicomponent polymer-based materials; interfacial interactions

Dr. Violeta MELINTE

scientific researcher III /

Synthesis, characterization and photopolymerization of (meth)acrylic monomers/oligomers, in situ photogeneration of metal nanoparticles, functionalization of inorganic nanoparticles, organic/inorganic polymeric hybrids, dental materials and antimicrobial coatings

Dr. Andreea Laura SCUTARU

scientific researcher III /

Development of nanocomposite and polymeric materials for fluorescent sensor and photocatalysis (degradation of organic pollutants and organic reactions) applications

Dr. Daniela IVANOV

senior researcher /

Fundamental and advanced development of polymer-based biomaterials for biomedical applications

Dr. Mioara MURARIU

scientific researcher /

Synthesis of acrylic copolymers with aminoacids sequences, spectral/optical characterization

Dr. Lenuţa STROEA

scientific researcher /

Design and development of macromolecular compounds with photosensitive units 

Dr. Gabriela BILIUŢĂ

scientific researcher /

Developing of new catalytic systems for the selective derivatization of organic substrates (especially polysaccharides) in mild and “ecofriendly” environment. Chemically modified polysaccharides as biomaterials with pharmaceutical applications.

Dr. Viorica PODAȘCĂ

research assistent /

Synthesis and characterization of monomers, (co)polymers, hybrid composite and inorganic particles

Marin Aurel TROFIN /

Synthesis and characterization of crosslinked microparticles, expertise in organic
chemistry, biochemistry and toxicology

Dr. Raluca Ioana BARON

research assistent /

Natural polymers: functionalization and applications

Dr. Mădălina Elena CULICĂ

research assistant /

Natural polymers: functionalization and applications

Dr. Ioana DUCEAC

scientific researcher /

Design, synthesis and characterization of hydrogels based on natural and synthetic polymers for drug delivery and other biomedical applications; synthesis and characterization of polysaccharide derivatives

Ioana Sabina TRIFAN

PhD student /

Natural polymers: functionalization and applications




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