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Laboratory 10. Applied research and technology transfer
Head of laboratory: Dr. Răzvan Florin Barzic
Description Expertise Infrastructure Mechanical and maintenance
Equipment: Extruder for elastomers

Optimized for the production of silicone hoses, profiles and cables

Screw diameter: 32 mm, screw length (L / D) 12 D, screw speed 3-90 rpm, capacity 10-25 kg / h

Equipment: Polyurethane flake processing equipment

5kW, 380V, 4 knives

Equipment: Reactor

Max. 65 ° C
Electric heating
Stirrer with speed reducer

Equipment: High capacity oven

range 20-250°C

2300 x 1500 x 600 mm

Equipment: Column drilling machine

Column drilling machine, 2kW, 380V

Equipment: FHV-50PD milling machine

1430 rpm
1.5 kW

Equipment: Fervi ProSmart Lathe

Fervi ProSmart Lathe 

Equipment: Bernardo Profi 750E Fine mechanical lathe

Bernardo Profi 750E Fine mechanical lathe

Equipment: Bernardo KF245L Vario milling machines

Bernardo KF245L Vario milling machines

Equipment: FUS 1.1-1.9 kW milling machine

1135 x 900 x 1353 x1740 mm
Surface 200 x 570 mm

Equipment: Small equipments

Sharpening machine tools Proma ON 25

DSA 200Vario angle grinder


Forging - 1200 ° C

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