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Laboratory 10. Applied research and technology transfer
Head of laboratory: Dr. Răzvan Florin Barzic
Description Expertise Infrastructure Mechanical and maintenance

Polyurethane products

High performance materials with wear and repeated stresses resistance - compared to steel - with uses in the car manufacturing industry, oil industry, chemical industry, textile industry, etc.

Adhesive tapes

Materials used in the insulation and stiffening of electrical telecommunication wiring and in electrical panels, in the automotive industry, general purpose materials.

Silicone products

High performance materials, biocompatible, with uses in extreme temperature ranges (between -50 and 300 ° C), highly resistant to the action of environmental factors (radiation of various types), applied in cosmetics, medicine, cosmetic surgery, dentistry, in chemical industries, car manufacturers, aeronautics, electrical engineering, etc. as release-removing materials, adhesives, dielectrics, antifoaming emulsions, temperature-resistant elastomers, extreme temperature lubricants, in the textile and paper industry as hydrophobicizing materials.

Bismaleimide resins

Materials with superior mechanical properties, dielectric, directed to high technical industries - telecommunications, aeronautics, electrical engineering, nuclear industry.

Fulell Dynell

Average diameter (den): 3 ÷ 3.5
Average length (mm): 3 ÷ 4
Good water dispersion capacity
Inert ingredient in the preparation of the paste for the electrodes of acid batteries


Transparent gel, water soluble, nontoxic, does not contain fat, non-irritating, non-sticky used for ultrasound transmission in ultrasound.


Pressure sensitive adhesive with good adhesion and consistency properties.
Adjustable solid (%): max. 45
Dynamic viscosity (cP): max 5,000
Detachment force (kgf / cm): 3.8 on steel, 4.0 on glass, 4.2 on Plexiglas

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