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Innovative strategies to reduce optical losses through shielding polymer materials for more efficient photovoltaics
Status proiect: Finalizat
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Project code: PN-III-P1-1.1-TE-2019-1878

No.: TE 83/1.09.2020

Contract Authority: UEFISCDI

Contractor: ICMPP

Budget: 431 900 lei

Duration: 24 months

Photovoltaic (PV) technologies have emerged as an alternative to fossil fuels for clean energy production, solving the issue of environmental safety. The efficiency of energy conversion is closely related to the properties of PV components. The project is focused on improving light management in thin film PVs by adapting the optical properties at each interface for trapping more photons at the junction. The key to this problem lies in synthesis of new transparent PV shielding layers with adaptable refraction features, which is the main concern of the project. Novel thermostable polymer materials are prepared by classic and innovative techniques that lead to transparent coatings with good adhesion to the adjacent conductive oxide. The surface of the shielding layers is subjected to original procedures that generate a combined random-ordered texture for achieving a greater efficiency of the PV by light scattering into the active layer, while diminishing the reflection losses at the entrance facet. Structural, thermal, morphological and optoelectronic characterizations will be performed to study the performance of synthesized polymer materials and their impact PV efficiency to attain a competitive product.

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