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New hybrid polymer/peptide hydrogels as innovative platforms designed for cell cultures applications
Status proiect: Finalizat
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Through supramolecular self-assembly of compounds with specific functionalities as low molecular weight gelators (LMWGs) capable to sustain formation of non-covalent bonds, a variety of molecular self-assembled gels can be obtained. Although LMWGs are reactive and compatible, they present increased costs and poor mechanical properties. Thus, there is a particular interest in combining LMWGs with polymers in order to allow a fine-tuning of the gel properties. LMWGs hybrid hydrogels, especially the ones based on constituents of the  extracellular matrix like di- or tripeptides, are attractive for bioapplications. By bringing together researchers from both macromolecular and biomedical field, we will perform complex fundamental, interdisciplinary and applicative investigations according to European requirements.

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