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Original alternative approach in tailoring coexistent photo/piezo-actuation on polyimides substrates for flexible/stretchable electronics and sensors
Project status: Ongoing
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Main results


Within this project is expected to obtain and pattern novel azo-PI, with checked structures, high glass transition temperatures and thermostability, ability to be processed in the form of films with high flexibility and resistivity, photochromic behavior, adequate morphological features, good adhesion with the tested metals and good dielectric properties, resistance to certain solvents, improved piezoelectric properties induced by the anisotropy of the morphology, succesfuly tested as alternative substrates for flexible/stretchable electronic devices and sensors applications.




Scientific papers


1. I. Stoica, E.-L. Epure, A. I. Barzic, I. Mihaila, C.-P. Constantin, I. Sava. 

The impact of the azo-chromophore sort on the features of the supramolecular azopolyimide films desired to be used as substrates for flexible electronics. 

Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2022, 23, 15223.


2.  A.I. Barzic, I. Sava, R.M. Albu, C. Ursu, G. Lisa, I. Stoica.

Polyimide-Derived Supramolecular Systems Containing Various Amounts of Azochromophore for Optical Storage Uses.

Polymers 2023, 15, 1056.


3. I. Stoica, A.I. Barzic, C. Ursu, G. Stoian, E.G. Hitruc, I. Sava

Atomic force microscopy probing and analysis of polyimide supramolecular systems for sensor devices 

Sensors 2023, 


Participation to scientific events


1. The influence of the azo-chromophore type on the supramolecular azopolyimide films properties used as substrates for flexible electronic devices;

I. Stoica,  I. Sava, I. Butnaru, R.M. Albu, A. I. Barzic;

International Conference "Advanced Topics in Optoelectronics, Microelectronics and Nanotechnologies (ATOM-N 2022), Constanta, Romania, 25-28 .08.2022

(oral presentation)


2. Evaluating the impact of the diamine structure on the performance of some azo-polyimide-based flexible supports for microelectronic applications;

I. Stoica, I. Sava, I. Butnaru, R. M. Albu, A. I. Barzic, C. Ursu, M. Asandulesa; 

International Conference on Chemical Engineering (ICCE 2022), Iasi, Romania, 5-7.10.2022

(poster with oral presentation)


3. Physical and chemical properties of cyano-containing polyimide/azo-chromophore systems designed for flexible electronic products

I. Stoica, E.-L. Epure, A. I. Barzic, M. Asandulesa, C. Ursu, I. Mihaila, A.-D. Diaconu, I. Sava

International Colloquium Physics of Materials - PM-7, Bucuresti, Romania, 10-11.11.2022

(oral presentation) 


4. Properties of supramolecular polyimide/azodye systems configurared to be employed as flexible base layer for printed electronics

I. Stoica, I. Sava, I. Butnaru, A.I. Barzic, R.M. Albu, C. Ursu, M. Asandulesa, A.-D. Diaconu

3rd International Antalya Scientific Research and Innovative Studies Conference, Antalya, Türkiye, 13-14.02.2023

(oral presentation)


5. Role of azo-dye content ın polyımıde supramolecular systems that can be ımplemented ın optıcal storage devıces

A.I. Barzıc, I. Sava, I. Butnaru, C. Ursu, R.M. Albu, I. Stoica

10. International Summit Scientific Research Congres, Sanliurfa, Türkiye, 17-18.03.2023

(oral presentation)


6. Involvement of Polyimide Structure on the Optical Properties of the Corresponding Azochromophore Systems

I. Stoica, I. Sava, R.M. Albu, A.I. Barzic

International Conference on Global Practice of Multidisciplinary Scientific Studies, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, 28-30.04.2023 

(oral presentation)

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