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3D-Tailored Bio-Polymer Surface by Hydrogel Immobilization for Controlled Cell Adhesion
Project status: Ongoing
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BioHydroSurf project aims to address some shortcomings of already existing cell culture platforms by developing a hybrid combination of hydrogel and solid non-porous material (substrate), based on chitosan-proteins bioconjugates and poly(lactic acid) (PLA) film, that allow controlled cells adhesion. In this project will be developed a fabrication method that will ensure functional bindings between hydrogel and PLA solid substrate, which involves “cold” plasma functionalization of the substrate and photo-mediated hydrogelation of chitosan-proteins conjugates (in the presence of a biocompatible photo-initiator). The estimated and expected unique features of these surface-attached hydrogels materials are: a) a hydrogel layer that mimics the characteristics of ECMs; b) hybrid design that assures physico-mechanical properties and control over crucial environmental factors c) a rapid surface hydrogelation at ambient temperature under mild conditions using cytocompatible photoinitiators that allow tunable mechanical properties; and d) a pH-responsive surface. 

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