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Exceeding the limits of polyimide membranes for less-energy intensive CO2 separation and capture by employing the PIM concept and blending technique
Project status: Ongoing
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In memPIM-PIs we have as main objective to develop a new, selective and stable advanced generation of gas-separation membranes relying on high performance polyimide constituents for less-energy intensive and efficient separation and capture of CO2 with focus on the routes applied to achieve the membranes  with a lower environmental impact.

To this goal, some secondary objectives will be fullfilled, like:

(i) synthesis of novel polyimides with intrinsic microporosity;

(ii) structural and physico-chemical investigation of the obtained polymers;

(iii) preparation of blends with different ratios of the two components and their processing into free-standing membranes;

(iv) structural/physico-chemical investigation of the blend membranes with focus on the components miscibility at molecular level and molecular dynamics;

(v) structure-composition-properties correlations and assessment of the best blend membranes for testing;

(vi) testing the ability of the selected blend membranes for CO2 separation and capture.

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