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Energy storage smart windows: from material development to engineering single flexible device with integrated electrochromic and capacitive functions
Project status: Ongoing
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EnStoreSW aims at developing thiophene-based polymer derivatives for use as both capacitive and electrochromic materials, besides their cross-disciplinary investigation and testing in flexible ESSWs at TRL 4. This primary objective will be achieved by means of some secondary objectives:

(i) design/synthesis of thiophene-based polymers;

(ii) structural and physico-chemical characterization of the polymers;

(iii) preparation of substrates/electrodes and organic gel electrolytes;

(iv) evaluation of the polymers electrochemical behavior in three electrode cell configuration;

(v) assessing the electrochromic performances of the polymer films;

(vi) exploring the GCD capability of the polymer electrodes; 

(vii) testing selected polymer films in ESSWs.

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