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A Step Forward Chemical Recycling of PET Waste - Catalyzed Glycolysis via Nanosized Magnetic Catalysts
Project status: Ended
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The following concrete objectives are defined to meet the project goal:

(O1) To establish correlations between the quality parameters/properties of PET wastes and the catalytic performance of the spinel ferrites.
(O2) To investigate and reach out the most appropriated chemical compositions of nanosized spinel ferrites for catalytic applications by a comprehensive structural study.
(O3) To determine the catalytic efficiency of the obtained spinel ferrites in PET glycolysis process.
(O4) To investigate the stability of the catalysts in several catalytic successive runs.
(O5) To optimize the catalytic processes.
(O6) To disseminate results and to patent the novelty aspects.
(O7) To consolidate and specialize a young research team on the project scientific/ innovation/ technological issues.

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