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Soft electromechanical transducers based on 3D printed silicones
Project status: Ended
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OS1. Design and manufacturing the optimal silicone formulations (both for dielectric and electrode) for 3D printing. The ICMPP group has gained significant expertise in DET formulation of the silicones for DETs components (dielectric and electrode) and characterization, which is proved by a large number of ISI publications and projects developed during the last few years. 

OS2. Design and construction of 3D printer with silicones. The UT partner in the project is a manufacturer already known in Romania, and not only, of 3D printers and has collaborated with the UTCB partner in the analysis of the physical-mechanical parameters of the injected materials and the setting of the injection parameters. The UT partner has already developed 3D printers and software. The challenge is to adapt their expertise to the specificity of silicones. 

OS3. Production at least at laboratory level of DETs with different geometries by 3D printing with formulated silicones. The principles of DETs construction are already mastered, since planar and stacked actuators have already been developed by the ICMPP team. With the aid of the other partners, and having in hand the tools for material’s properties adjustment, 3D silicone DETs will be obtained. 

OS4. Theoretical and experimental evaluation of the characteristics, operating performance and applicability of the printed devices. UTCB has the expertise in numerical modeling and in addition to the ICMPP have the necessary equipment for the experimental evaluation of the developed devices and their applicability in civil engineering. 

OS5. Increasing the visibility of the team and institution by high level publications. The team aims at publishing articles in high impact journals based on fundamental results, in collaboration between partners and to participate at top conferences in the field of EAPs, materials. The research results with potential applicability will be the basis of a patent application. 

OS6. Awareness of human resource on current research orientation in the European community towards innovation. 

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