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Innovative Electrospun Membranes based on Phosphorus-containing Polymers for Protective Clothing
Project status: Ended
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The main objective of the proposed project is to design new flame retarded micro- and nano- fibrous membranes based on phosphorus-containing polymer, by electrospinning process. These membranes are intended to be integrated into fireman protection equipment. Phosphorus-containing polymers bearing P atom both in the main chain and/or the side chain will be synthesized by specific methods and then characterized by different techniques. The polymers prepared in the first step of the project will then be processed by solution electrospinning, with the aim to obtain phosphorus-containing membrane with improved characteristics. The electrospinning process parameters will be optimized in order to obtain membranes with “ideal fabric properties”. The obtained microand nano- fibrous architectures will be characterized from morphological and functional point of view. Innovative fundamental approaches will be applied to design phosphorous-containing membrane having high air permeability (AP), high water vapor transport (WVTR) properties as well as high hydrostatic resistance (HR), as a class of new materials with superior properties regarding the physiological comfort, recommended for development of improved fireman protective clothes.

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