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Laboratory 7. Electroactive Polymers and Plasmochemistry
Head of laboratory: Dr.Mircea GRIGORAȘ
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Equipment: Potentiostat – Galvanostat Bioanalytical System (BAS 100B/W)
  • for determining the domains of potentials in which reduction or oxidation of the analytes processes take place, the intensity values reduction or oxidation currents from which it can be deduced the reversibility of the electrochemical processes as well as the number of electrons involved in the reactions at the electrode.

- Dr. Ana-Maria SOLONARU (solonaru.anamaria@icmpp.ro); Dr. Loredana VĂCĂREANU (sloredana@icmpp.ro)
Equipment: Spectrometer SEC2000- UV/VIS
  • designed to investigate the mechanism of the electrochemical reactions at the electrode/ solution interface by recording the absorption spectrum together with the application of the working electrode potential

- Dr. Oana-Iuliana NEGRU (negru.oana@icmpp.ro); Dr. Loredana VĂCĂREANU (sloredana@icmpp.ro)
Equipment: Rheometers (Anton Paar and Bohlin)
  • with con-plane and plane-plane geometries and Peltier systems for temperature control, used for the viscoelastic characterization of polymers and polymeric materials in continuous and sinusoidal shear regime.

- Dr. Maria BERCEA (bercea@icmpp.ro); Dr. Simona MORARIU (smorariu@icmpp.ro)
Equipment: HACH 2100 AN Turbidimeter (HACH-LANGE, USA)
  • allows the monitoring of chemical reactions or physical phenomena and the control of systems at turbidity level up to 10,000 NTU.

- Dr. Simona MORARIU (smorariu@icmpp.ro)
Equipment: Osmometer Osmomat 090 (Gonotec)
  • allows the measurement of the average numerical molecular weight and of the second virial coefficient for water-soluble polymers and polymers dissolved in organic solvents.

- Dr. Maria BERCEA (bercea@icmpp.ro)
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