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Laboratory 7. Electroactive Polymers and Plasmochemistry
Head of laboratory: Dr.Mariana-Dana DĂMĂCEANU
Topics Team Main Results Research Groups
Group 7.1: Heteroaromatic Polymers for Thin Films and Coatings with Applications in (Opto)Electronics and Energy

Dr. habil Mariana-Dana DĂMĂCEANU, project director

Directions of research: 

  • Heteroaromatic polymers for applications in electronics and opto-electronics: new polymer architectures with well-defined structural elements (imide, 1,3,4-oxadiazole, phenoxazine, fluorene, triphenylamine, triphenylmethane, azobenzene, etc.) for use as i) electro-/ photo-active materials in e.g. diodes, LEDs, thin film transistors, electrochromic or memory devices, ii) passive materials (dielectrics, flexible / stretchable supports, interlayers, electrodes) in organic / plastic electronics.
  • Electroactive organic materials for energy: heteroaromatic oligomers/polymers or polymer nanocomposites with different fillers (e.g. CNT, perovskites, silica, graphene) for i) energy harvesting (photovoltaic cells), ii) energy storage (capacitors, supercapacitors).
  • Less-intensive energy related polymer materials: thermostable polymers, polymers with intrinsic microporosity (PIM) and polymer blends for gas separation membranes and CO2 capture and storage - CCS technology
  • Polymer- and polymer nanocomposite-based materials for sensorics: humidity sensors, chemosensors, biosensors, "micro-array" platforms
  • Smart materials with chromic response to external stimuli based on heterocyclic polymers: electrochromic materials, photochromic azo-polymers, ionochromic or halochromic Schiff bases and imide-type polymers
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