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Laboratory 4. Functional Polymers
Head of laboratory: Dr. Marcela MIHAI
Topics Team Main Results Research Groups
Group 4.2: Multifunctional polymeric systems with controlled 3D architecture: synthesis and potential applications

Dr. Maria Valentina DINU, CS II

Dr. Maria Valentina DINU/

Macro- and nanostructurated multicomponent cross-linked polymeric systems: Hydrogels/cryogels synthesized by conventional methods, ice-templating processes and/or leaching techniques; Organic sorbents (ion exchangers) and ionic composites; Polymer-filled nanoreactors; Polymer vesicles, as protective compartments for enzymes

Dr. Ecaterina Stela DRAGAN /

Synthesis and characterization of ionic polymers; Porous ionic nano- and microstructured materials; Separations by ion exchangers and composites; Smart composite hydrogels (cryogels)

Dr. Claudiu-Augustin GHIORGHITA /

Multifunctional hydrogels; Polyelectrolyte multilayers; Composite materials for water purification and biomedical applications

Ionel Adrian DINU /

Stimuli-responsive (co)polymers and amphiphilic block copolymers synthesized by ionic and controlled radical polymerization; Chemical modification of polymers by post-polymerization reactions on pre-existing functional groups; Polymer-based nanocarriers with stimuli-triggered activity.

Irina Elena RASCHIP /

Compatibility and biodegradability of natural and synthetic polymers; Studies on thermodynamic behaviour of polymeric blends establishing the compatibility of the components, their morphological characteristics, rheological behaviour, microphase structure and physical and mechanical characteristics; Viscosimetry of interpolymeric complexes and rheology of polymeric solutions; Preparation of stable nanostructured superassemblies from ultrasonificated xanthan solution; Encapsulation/release of the active ingredient in/from matrices used in food industry; Polysaccharides in food industry and applicability; antimicrobial tests; Reversible 2D/3D coatings from zipper-assembly of block copolymer micelles

Maria Marinela LAZAR /

Synthesis, characterization and environmental applications of ionic composite hydrogels based on synthetic and natural polymers

Ana-Irina COCARTA /

Synthesis, characterization and application of hydrogels based on synthetic and natural polymers

Ioana-Victoria Platon /

Synthesis, characterization and applications of new multifunctional biomaterials based on polymers and various natural bioactive molecules

Technical staff:

Martha MARCU/A1

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