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Laboratory 4. Functional Polymers
Head of laboratory: Dr. Marcela MIHAI
Topics Team Main Results Research Groups
Group 4.1: Linear and cross-linked (zwitter)ionic polymers: synthesis, materials, applications

Dr. Marcela MIHAI, CS II

Dr. Marcela MIHAI /

Multicomponent complex systems based on synthetic and natural polymers: polielectrolityte complexes, multilayers, composites with CaCO3 

Dr. Florin BUCATARIU /

Organic / inorganic composites obtained by layer-by-layer deposition of synthetic and natural polyelectrolytes on various solid surfaces

Dr. Silvia VASILIU /

Crosslinked systems based on synthetic polymers and polysaccharides: controlled/ sustained drug delivery systems, adsorbents

Dr. Stefania RACOVITA /

Crosslinked systems based on synthetic polymers and polysaccharides: controlled/ sustained drug delivery systems, adsorbent

Dr. Diana Felicia LOGHIN /

Synthesis/characterization and applications of starch graft copolymers, semi-interpenetrating hydrogels/cryogels and microspheres by ionic gelation.

Dr. Marius Mihai ZAHARIA /

Polymer and organic synthesis; Preparation and characterization of ion-exchangers with different functionalities; Applications of the ion exchangers in water purification and medical field; Preparation and characterization of composite materials based on CaCO3; Toxicity determination, environmental and toxicological chemistry, biochemical tests, photocatalysis, data computing and tests on plants and microorganisms.


Investigating the morphology, topography and structure of different materials, as a SEM specialist; Synthesis and characterization of composite materials, based on CaCO3 and natural/synthetic additives.


Synthesis and characterization of novel micro and nano-particle/fibers. Investigation of the potential applications of the micro and nano-particle/fibers as drug delivery systems or antimicrobial materials

Larisa Maria PETRILA /

Fundamental research in the field of macromolecular chemistry; Enzymology, enzyme immobilization and biocatalysis

Elena-Daniela LOTOS

Synthesis and characterization of hydrogels based on gelatin and hyaluronic acid, study of hydrogels with shape memory. Knowledge in synthesis and evaluation of biomaterials/bioactive compounds and utilization of these compounds in implementation of biotechnological processes. Studies of the biopolymers solubility in different solvents mixtures and at different pH; characterization of biopolymers solutions/dispersions by polyelectrolytic titrations, turbidimetric measurements, size and zeta potential determination.

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