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Laboratory 1. Center of Advanced Research in Bionanoconjugates and Biopolymers
Head of laboratory: Dr. Mariana PINTEALĂ
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Equipment: Axis Nova XPS Spectrophotometer, Kratos Analytical, UK

     Axis Nova XPS is a surface-sensitive quantitative spectroscopic technique that measures the elemental composition, empirical formula, chemical state, and electronic state of the elements that exist within a material.

- polymers, - inorganic compounds, - metal alloys, - semiconductors, - elements, - ceramics, - bones, - medical implants, - biomaterials, - and many others.
- Dr. Adina Coroaba /
Equipment: NTEGRA Spectra Atomic Force Microscope (NT-MDT, Russia) coupled with Raman confocal microscope (Renishaw, UK)

     NT-MDT AFM NTEGRA Spectra supports most of the existing AFM modes and provides comprehensive information about the physical properties of the sample with nanometric scale resolution: local stiffness, elasticity, conductivity, capacitance, magnetization, surface potential and work function, friction, piezoresponse, etc. 

     inVia Renishaw Raman confocal microscope provides information about the chemical composition, crystal structure and its orientation, presence of impurities and defects, macromolecular conformation, etc.

- Dr. Elena-Laura Ursu /
Equipment: Simultaneous TG/DSC and TGA/DTA STA 449 F1 Jupiter, Netzsch, Germany

     Simultaneous TG/DSC and TGA/DTA STA 449 F1 Jupiter allows investigation of: compositional analysis of multi-component materials or blends; thermal stabilities; oxidative stabilities; estimation of product lifetimes; decomposition kinetics; effects of reactive atmospheres on materials; filler content of materials; moisture and volatiles content.

- Dr. Cristian-Dragoș Varganici /
Equipment: DSC 200 F3 Maia, Netzsch, Germany

     DSC 200 F3 Maia system it is used for: temperature domain determinations of physical transitions of polymers; thermochemical determinations of enthalpy and entropy; studies of effects of filler materials on polymer scaffolds in composite materials; evaluation of the degree of crystallinity and/or its modification with temperature; morphological studies; kinetics of crystallization dynamics, polymerization and curing reactions; compatibilization studies in polymer blends; plastifiation effect analysis; specific heat and absolute heat capacity of polymers determination; polymorphism studies.

- Dr. Cristian-Dragoș Varganici /
Equipment: Chirascan™ CD Spectrometer, Applied Photophysics Limited, UK

      Chirascan™ CD Spectrometer it is used extensively to study chiral molecules of all types and sizes, but it is in the study of large biological molecules where it finds its most important applications. It is used primarily for looking at protein secondary & tertiary structure, protein folding and the stability of proteins in different environments.

- Dr. Adrian Fifere /
Equipment: AUTOLAB PGSTAT302N Potentiostat/Galvanostat (ECO CHEMIE Utrecht, The Netherlands) and Multi Potentiostat µSTAT 8000P (DropSens, Spain)

     AUTOLAB PGSTAT302N can be used for general electrochemical research, for electrochemical processes like plating and electrodeposition and for electrochemical corrosion processes. The electrochemical measurements accomplished with the Autolab can determine the redox activity of a certain compound, the formal potential and the number of electrons involved, the reversibility of the reaction, if the reaction is controlled by diffusion or by kinetics of the electron transfer, the amperometric detection of a certain compound etc. The Autolab system is coupled with AvaSpec 3648 Fiber Optic Spectrometer System from Avantes, The Netherlands for spectroelectrochemical analysis.

- Dr. Adina Arvinte / - PhD Student Oana-Elena Rachita /
Equipment: Multi Potentiostat µSTAT 8000P, DropSens, Spain

     μStat 8000P is a portable Multi Potentiostat that can be applied for Voltammetric or Amperometric measurements, being able to perform up to 8 different independent measurements at the same time, including also a multichannel mode that allows you to work with up to 8 working electrodes sharing auxiliary and reference electrode.

- Dr. Adina Arvinte / - PhD Student Oana-Elena Rachita /
Equipment: FluoroMax®-4 spectrofluorometer, HORIBA, Japan

     FluoroMax®-4 spectrofluorometer it is used to measure and record the fluorescence of the liquid and solid samples (thin films, powders, pellets, microscope slides, and fibers). Accessories:

  • Time Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) for lifetime and anisotropy lifetime measurements. The pulsed source used in TCSPC is a NanoLED solid-state pulsed diode, which can cover the domain from deep-UV to near-IR.
  • Quanta-Phi – integrating sphere for quantum yield and CIE (1931 and 1976) color values calculation.

- Dr. Adina Coroaba /
Equipment: LS 55 Spectrofluorometer, Perkin Elmer, United States

     LS 55 Spectrofluorometer it is used to measure and record the fluorescence of the liquid and solid samples (thin films, powders, pellets, microscope slides, and fibers). Accessories:

  • Single-Cell Peltier Accessory: • Single-cell, water-cooled Peltier accessory (operation 0º to 100º C at a resolution of 0.1º); • Rapid heating and cooling; • In-cuvette stirring.
  • Front Surface Accessory: • Analysis of film, paper, powder, fabric, plastic film, and other flat samples.
  • Fast Filter Accessory: • Rapid data collection during biochemical processes (i.e., intracellular ion collection); • Pairs of optical filters obtain ratio measurements every 40 milliseconds; • Two pairs of filters can be fitted on each wheel; • Ratio data or individual intensities can be viewed in real-time.

- Dr. Adina Coroaba /
Equipment: DLS Delsa Nano C, Beckman Coulter, United States

     DelsaNano C analyzer coupled with an Autotitrator DelsaNanoAT module it is used for particle size and zeta potential measurements.

- Dr. Elena-Laura Ursu /
Equipment: LVEM5 TEM-SEM-STEM-ED, Delong America, Canada

     LVEM5 TEM-SEM-STEM-ED was designed for the purpose of obtaining higher image contrast in electron microscope due to decreasing of accelerating voltage at 5kV. The LVEM5 microscope it can accommodate up to 4 imaging modes: Transmission electron microscope - TEM; Scanning transmission electron microscope - STEM; Scanning electron microscope - SEM; Electron diffraction - ED.

- Dr. Florica Doroftei /
Equipment: FLEXAR HPLC, Perkin Elemer, United States

     FLEXAR HPLC it is used to separate a mixture of compounds in analytical chemistry and biochemistry with the purpose of identifying, quantifying and purifying the individual components of the mixture.

- Dr. Anca-Roxana Petrovici /
Equipment: LAMBDA 35 UV/Vis System, Perkin Elmer, United States

     LAMBDA 35 UV/Vis spectrophotometer is commonly used in analytical chemistry for the quantitative determination of different analytes, such as transitional metal ions, highly conjugated organic compounds, and biological macromolecules.

- Ph.D. Student Bogdan-Florin Crăciun /
Equipment: LEICA EM CPD300 Critical point dryer, Leica Microsystems, Germany

     The Leica EM CPD300 critical point dryer dries biological specimens such as pollen, tissue, plants, insects, as well as industrial samples, like Micro Electro Mechanical Systems ( MEMS ) or Micro fluids and gels in a fully automated and controlled process. 

- Dr. Florica Doroftei /
Equipment: LEICA EM SCD050 Sputter/Coater, Leica Microsystems, Germany

     With the Leica EM SCD050 precious and non-precious metals can be used to produce very fine-grained conductive films. Even large samples such as wafers and compact discs for industrial processes can be coated.

- Dr. Florica Doroftei /
Equipment: Leica DMI3000 B Inverted Microscope, Leica Microsystems, Germany

     Leica DMI3000 B inverted microscope with integrated modulation and phase contrast methods that do not require the use of special objectives. The microscope has an attached Pecon Incubation System O2-CO2-°C – Leica and a Leica DFC425 C Digital 5 Megapixel color microscope camera with an active cooling system.

- Dr. Dragoș Peptanariu / - MSc. Isabela Sandu /
Equipment: Leica DM2500 Upright Microscope, Leica Microsystems, Germany

     Leica DM 2500 microscope with Bright Field, Dark Field, Phase Contrast, Polarised Light and Differential Interference Contrast. The microscope has a Leica DFC425 C Digital 5 Megapixel color microscope camera.

- Dr. Dragoș Peptanariu / - MSc. Isabela Sandu /
Equipment: Leica DM500 Microscope, Leica Microsystems, Germany

     Binocular educational microscope for life science courses Leica DM500.

- Dr. Lucian Bahrin /
Equipment: Leica CM1850 Cryostat, Leica Microsystems, Germany

    Leica CM1850 Cryostat with an optimized cooling system, rapid specimen freezing and smooth specimen orientation for the high-quality sectioning.

- Dr. Dragoș Peptanariu / - MSc. Isabela Sandu /
Equipment: QuantStudio 12K Flex Real-Time PCR System, Applied Biosystems, United States

- Dr. Natalia Simionescu /
Equipment: CytoFLEX S Flow Cytometer, Beckman Coulter, United States

- Dr. Dragoș Peptanariu / - Dr. Natalia Simionescu / - Dr. Irina Roșca / - MSc. Isabela Sandu /
Equipment: FLUOstar Omega Microplate Reader, BMG LABTECH, Germany

- Dr. Dragoș Peptanariu / - Dr. Natalia Simionescu / - MSc. Isabela Sandu /
Equipment: Veritiâ„¢ Dx 96-well Thermal Cycler, Applied Biosystems, United States

     Veriti Dx Thermal Cycler provides a better-than-gradient approach to PCR optimization. With six independent Peltier blocks, you can precisely set and control the temperature in each block, giving you maximal versatility, flexibility, and confidence in your diagnostic development.

- Dr. Dragoș Peptanariu / - MSc. Isabela Sandu /
Equipment: Countessâ„¢ Automated Cell Counter, Invitrogen, United States

   The Countess™ Automated Cell Counter from Invitrogen is a benchtop automated cell counter. It can perform cell counts as well as viability and cell calculations. 

- Dr. Dragoș Peptanariu / - MSc. Isabela Sandu /
Equipment: Q-Sense Pro QCM microbalance, Biolin Scientific, Sweden

     Q-Sense Pro is the fully automated QCM-D instrument for large-scale analysis. The Q-Sense Pro enables unattended measurements at high throughput with high reproducibility. The liquid handling system ensures precise sample handling and can even prepare your concentration series for you before you start the measurement. The intuitive software makes it easy to program your measurements and leave the instrument unattended until the measurement and the automatic cleaning is finished. Thereafter you can analyze your data to acquire mass, thickness, viscoelastic properties, adsorption rates, etc.

- Dr. Sorin Ibănescu /
Equipment: NOVA 3200e High-Speed Surface Area & Pore Size Analyzer, Quantachrome, USA

     The NOVA 3200e-Series of surface area analyzers offers a full line of rapid, high throughput B.E.T. surface area and pore size analyzers.

- Dr. Lucian Bahrin / - Dr. Dana Bejan /
Equipment: DS-11+ NanoDropâ„¢ Spectrophotometer, DeNovix, USA

     The DS-11+ NanoDrop™ One Spectrophotometer is used to perform fast quantification of nucleic acids and proteins.

- Dr. Dragoș Peptanariu /
Equipment: Cluster HPC Dell POWEREDGE

     High-Performance Computing System (HPC) - for the modelling and simulation applications of macromolecules and biomacromolecules.

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