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Laboratory 1. Center of Advanced Research in Bionanoconjugates and Biopolymers
Head of laboratory: Dr. Mariana PINTEALĂ
Topics Team Main Results Research Groups
Group 1.1: Nano- and micro-structured entities for specific biomedical applications

Dr. Lilia Clima, CS III

Dr. Lilia CLIMA /

     Organic chemistry, nucleic acids chemistry, supramolecular and dynamic chemistry. Design, synthesis, characterization and testing of new dynamic combinatorial multivalent networks for DNA binding and transfection, design and synthesis of ligands for metal organic frameworks (MOF) and its applications.

Dr. Ioan CIANGA /

     To be filled...

Dr. Mariana PINTEALĂ /

     Development of new polymer-based materials: supramolecular (co)polymers assemblies for industrial applications; antifungal nanotherapeutics; focal gene and drug delivery systems.

Dr. Luminita CIANGA /

     To be filled...

Dr. Dragoș PEPTANARIU / Medical Doctor /

     Design of biomaterials and drug carriers, cell culture, transfection and cytotoxicity tests, flow cytometry, optical microscopy, nucleic acid extraction and purification.

Dr. Cristina AL-MATARNEH /

     To be filled...

Dr. Anca BENDREA /

     To be filled...

Dr. Ioan-Andrei DASCĂLU /

     Organic synthesis techniques employing compounds sensitive to atmospheric conditions, purification, separation and characterization, using various analytical techniques (NMR, XPS, IR, MS); development of fullerene and cyclodextrin derivatives for drug/gene delivery application, metallic nanoparticles and coordination polymers.

Dr. Adina COROABĂ /

     Characterization of different types of materials (organic, inorganic, biological tissues etc.) – data acquisition and interpretation of the results – using X-ray Photoelectron Sectroscopy (XPS), Fluorescence Spectroscopy, UV-vis spectroscopy, Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), Circular Dichroism, Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy (ESR).

Dr. Bogdan Florin CRĂCIUN /

     Synthesis and characterization of micro and macromolecular compounds. Development of dynamic constitutional systems for genes and drugs delivery via reversible imine chemistry, being able to target specific cells.

Dr. Tudor VASILIU /

     Theoretical chemistry, molecular dynamics simulations (all atoms and Coarse Grain), quantum mechanics calculations, Protein Docking, scripting and programming.

MsC. Isabela SANDU /

     Animal cells culture, bacterial cells culture and DNA purification.

PhD Student Petru TÎRNOVAN / Chemist /

     To be filled...

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