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State-of-the-art engineering of energy saving polymer-based electrochromic devices with low voltage operation
Status proiect: Finalizat
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The main objective of this Research Project is to develop novel polymeric materials for use as active layers in prototype electrochromic devices to operate at low voltage. Moreover, the project fits to a very hot research topic – Energy, which falls in the thematic area “Energy” of HORIZON 2020 focusing on the “Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy”. The elements of originality and innovation of this project derives from the gradual, fundamental and experimental approach in solving the key limits and challenges coming from this area and resides in the followings: novel polymer systems involving insufficiently explored electrochromic units; the different engineering concept of the polymeric materials with double donor topology, compared with current approaches; the use of simple and profitable methods (cost and reduced workload) in the manufacturing and optimization of the electrochrome prototype devices.
To ensure the best practice, the work will be divided into three objectives:

O1. Synthesis of monomers and imide, amide or imine-based polymers containing phenoxazine/phenothiazine and triphenylamine

O2. Processing into polymeric films and characterization to predict the electrochromic behavior

O3. Overview of the properties, prototype device manufacturing, proof of concept 


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